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Windows XP Help
when I scanned them it automatically saved them as a PDF file, I looked through everything I had to see if I could change that and found nothing. Then I looked online and couldn't find anything. I did however find a program and the SOB didn't work. I'm about to shoot this damn thing.
can you send me the pictures ?
you have my email addess now i can convert them for you i have paintshop pro and that will do the job.

what scanner do you have i will see if its possible to change its settings
I have a Kodak All in One... Yeah I can e-mail the pictures to you.
It's a Kodak ESP All-In-One
Ok I sent the pictures, so don't know how to send them any other way than individually.
what model number is that kodak ?
i am looking on their site but there is a whole list for esp all in one
Kodak ESP-3 All In One
hum does scan in jpeg, just trying to find out how you change it to that.
i was reading this.
it's not doing that what the site says. It will show on my computer that it's scanning and then it will pop up with a box, and then it asks where to save it to and that's it. It doesn't give me the option what file I want to save it as. So I have no idea.
Guess I'm gonna have to go and re-scan them with the Kodak program instead of doing it straight from the scanner to my computer. UGH
the settings for the scanner are in the home center software under configure settings
i think you have scanned using a standard format from another program.
to get the jpeg files use the kodak program
all I did was hit the scan button on my scanner and it said scanning, and then a little box will pop up. I've been doing that since I got the stupid thing. So now it wants to save in PDF and I check and it does say JPEG, but that's if I go through the program, which I have never done since I got this thing. But I guess that's how I'm gonna have to do it because it's a POS!!!!
well paintshop pro just stuck two fingers up at your images Pcfite

say's its unsupported file format.
i know full well paintshop pro supported pdf images, but my the look of those files they were scanned in using adobe reader and will only open that way.
i can't even open them with adobe photo shop
There is no way it was scanned with Adobe, I didn't have the POS program on my computer when I scanned them into my computer so I don't even know why it scanned them as a PDF in the first place.
I'm on MSN live if you want to sign in and chat that way.
use the kodak program and rescan them.
if all else fails i will send you paintshop pro for you to play about with.
thats a good program.
well this isn't working either......I'm about to find my baseball bat!!!!!!!!
I think this technology doesn't like me or playing me for stupid I can't tell which at this point. If my bat wasn't in the shed in the backyard and it wasn't dark I would go and get it and beat the living hell outta this thing
ok now would be a very good time to walk away from the pc and don't do a davey and punch your screen.

what i will do later for you is pack up paintshop pro and send you a link for it.
scan direct in to that, then under save as you can choose just how to save that file.

i just need to time find that program and then upload it to site as its not a small program
Yeah I guess not. LOL no I won't be doing a davey and putting my hand through my screen, I will just a baseball bat and beat the SOB into pieces.
I've already fractured my thumb, I don't think I want to spend anymore time in the ER again. That was enough for me.
ok give me a while i need to search two ton of disk to find this program.
i will zip it up and upload it to site, i will then email you a link to the program as its my copy
i don't want a open link on the forum.
Yeah I don't blame you on that one. Thanks again Davey! You are the MAN !!!!!
ok done just sent you a email.
when in paintshop pro.
click file, import then twain, select source , then select your scanner

or click file, import, from scanner or camera.

once scanned in you then click file save as, once in that box you change the file name and file format by using the drop down boxes
i need to lay down my leg is killing me.
Thanks Davey! Your awesome. Hope your leg gets to feelin' better.

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