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Windows XP Help
Hey Davey, just tried to install that malware file you told me too and it comes up with.....
An error occurred. Please report this error to our support team.

two reason's why that would happen.

1 bad download

2 spyware stopping the program from loading.

try downloading it again from here;1
Hey Davey, just wanted to let you know I tried that download again and it's not workin'. Any other suggestions?
online scans are the next step.

if its not loading then that computer is really full of crap spyware and it needs to clear the worse of them
before you can load a program and kill the rest.

pop over to google and do a quick search for online virus and spyware scans.

one other thing you can try, start the pc in safe mode with networking
if you don't know how to do that its like this.
just after you see the bios screen start pushing F8 and keep pushing that key up and down till you get the windows sub menu.
once loaded in safe mode you might be able to load malewarebytes and run a full scan.
alright I tried to install that program in safe mode and it popped up with the same error that I last sent you. I am going to try and see what free program scans I can find that will do something that won't say I have to pay to get rid of the errors. Wish Me Luck.
Hey My Friend! Just wanted to let you know that my Daddy passed away at 6:30 am this morning my time. Things have been really hectic today. I will keep you posted on what's going on.
sorry to hear that, but at least you got to see him one last time.
Hey Davey, just wanted to touch bases with you and let you know that I'm back home in South Carolina. Hope all is well with you and we can chat soon. Take Care My Friend.
yeah everything is fine, may not be around to much from the 18th till the 26th of this month i have something planned for you know who and i want it to be a massive suprise.

Hey My Friend! I really hope things go well with your surprise. I'm sure everything will just be perfect. Hope your havin' a great day.
nope not having a great day too much pain, sometimes you just have to live with the pain and take each and everyday as it comes.
this is the second night i have not gone to bed on time.

when i last spoke to mr biggles77 i had been up for 72 hours before i managed to get 4 hours sleep, since then i have been awake again.

don't panic i have been like this for years, kind of get use to it as well, if i am in pain that means i can't sleep so go back in the computer room and do some work, i have people popping in all the time with broken machines and that very sheepish look on their face when they ask if i can take a look at it for them.
got a real name for myself now among the locals for pc repair,i don't charge them for my work at all, the only cost i will ask them to cover is if i have to replace parts.
i do it to keep my brain working more then anything else, plus i am not a grummpy old man yet.

lack of sleep will make me bad tempered in the long run normally after about 84 hours i start to snap then all i need is about 4 hours sleep and i will be back to my nornal self.

its 1am here as i am doing this post, its quite as someone went to be a hour ago so i am on my own and can think faster then when i have hlaf a dozen people round me asking questions.
i will get on with doing the admin clean up for the site tonight and might try and lay down around 4/5 am
hows things going ?
sorting yourself out ?

Dang Davey, I wish I could do something to help you. I really hate to hear that my friends are hurting and I can't seem to do anything to help them.

Things for me aren't really that easy. I guess you could say I have a lot of regrets about things. I can't say that being there for my daddy the last 3 wks will make up for the lost time I had with him, but I will have that regret of not being there for him the last 10 yrs when I just up and disappeared from home. I hate to say it not that he is passed, but he was part of the reason I just didn't care to talk to anyone. He was always drunk and when he was drunk he was a mean drunk. I really didn't much care to be around all that. Not to mention my brother was into the drugs and not around much, so I really didn't see a point in staying around. I just feel bad about saying that, but it's the truth. I really don't know what to think about things anymore I really don't. I guess I'm just messed up even more than I was before this all happened.

I'm sure in time it will get better, but right now it's still too hard to cope and deal with it all. I miss my daddy and I hated leaving behind his grave as I don't know when the next time I will be out there to see him again. I will try like hell to get out there this next summer if i can to get pictures and see his grave again. Just right now it's too hard to talk about things and do things without having that regret hanging onto my shoulders and pullin' me back.

I really hope that you are able to get some sleep soon. Talk to you later my friend. Until then, just keep smilin'.
to be honest my father was the same way, he drunk himself in to his grave.
its normal to have a large amount of regrets after they have past away, this will pass with time.
its funny i did see my father before then end but i had little in the way of regrets when he did go.
people think oh your a hard bar***d but if they lived the childhood i did they would fully understand why.

all i can say is time is a great healer, whats fresh in your mind now will pass with time.
life goes on and you will get on with your life, you will never fully forget your family hell who could but you do get use to them not being around

i am being brave, one day i will loose my mother i am close to my mother, old davey is going to get crushed when that happens.
but with the support of people round you slowy you start to put your life back together.
i know this happend when i had to bury my grandfather, i was close to him and it took me a while to get back to normal.
deep down i know 100% what your feeling and its not nice with all the questions you sit and ask yourself.
just give yourself all the time you need, some people are strong and get over it pretty quick some not.
i just throw myself in to doing as much work as i can to take my mind off things, but thats my way of dealing with death in the family
you have gone very quite !!!
everything ok ?
Hey My Friend. Sorry I didn't mean to go quiet. Just got a lot on my mind lately. I really haven't been online much. I'm either playin' my Sims game or I'm readin'. I just finished two very good James Patterson books, wish I had the money to get more of his books, he's a very good author. I really enjoy his books.

How are things on your end? How did that big surprise go? You have to fill me in on how everything went. And I promise to write ya more often.
things went ok, really well in fact.
problem is the weather has given me its own suprise and part of my roof is now laying on the bottom of the sea lol
bloody great storm hit us, eekkk.
still cleaning up and we are due for more on tuesday i think.
last thing i need is water pouring all over the place from a leak in th roof.

its that time of the year i guess, it don't rain much but when it does hold on to your ass as it can get really bad.
i love the lighting however i am the only one in the house that does lol
Oh Hell. Yeah I heard that when y'all get rain it really puts it down. Things here have been pretty calm. The weather can't make up it's mind if it wants to be in the 40's or the 70's and let me tell ya what, that really messes with ya system.

Hope things start lookin' up your way my friend.

Talk to you soon.
tell me about it, one day we are getting 32 oC then the next 19 oC still not cold but with the wind and rain you really feel it.
to top it all a tile came off and hit my 6 month old car, lets just say i am glad no one was near me when i found that out.
i was in a stinking mood for the rest of the day i can tell you.
funny how everybody walks away when i am in that sort of mood lol lol lol
no one is brave enough to ask if i am ok.

i think the way things are going i will get up on my own roof and repair it as i can't get any one for love or money at the moment.
its not that hard i have done it before, i dare say i will get some nagging but if i feel i am up to it i will climb a ladder and get up on the roof.

my net is crap, i lost the main link back to the uk, i think the router is buggered, i have called my mate where the server is housed and asked him to go out and buy a new one, then i will have to talk to him on the phone to get it set up.
the main spanish system i am on at the moment is well below my normal standard, it drops and hangs all over the place and gets on my tits to the point where i just walk away from the pc.

its just that time of year when the odd storm drifts in from africa and we get it full force, it will all settle down again in two months time then we will be back to wall to wall sunshine.
its very quite at the moment i guess people don't have the money to travel, i have never seen the town center this quite.

Hey My Friend! Thought I would swing in and check on ya, see how things are going for you. Things for me are just about the same. I am pretty much playing my Sims game or just layin' in bed cuz I don't feel like being online. Still havin' a hard time right now. Especially with the holidays.

Hope your doin' well and hear from you soon.

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