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Windows XP Help
sounds like the old pass the buck in case i get it wrong kind of judge.

far to many of those people in law these days, a judge should make up his own dam mind on the case in front of them
not pass it round the room to see what other people think he should do.

what i saw on tv yesterday make me sad to say i am from the uk, all those people paying respect for those that lost their lives yet some how the uk police still did not stop some stupid people shouting rubbish.
thats how bad the uk law is these days.
Yeah it does. Just cannot understand why she couldn't just make a decision after my attorney asked the two most important questions. Just got a feeling they are gonna deny me. I am so not lookin' forward to havin' to do this whole process all over again. My stomach can't take much more that's for sure. My pancreas still isn't healthy, my ulcer isn't where it needs to be at gettin' better. Just very aggravating.

We have another terrorist here in the USA, they had messages comin' in with the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attack in New York. They haven't found who has been doin' the threats, but they have everything all on high alert. Just makes ya wonder when all this shit is gonna stop. If I had to guess. NEVER!
i really think the world has gone mad at times, things i see on the news these days make me really wonder what the hell if going on.

its funny i may only be 44 but i really feel i belong to a different time frame, i guess you can thank my mother
for bringing me up the old way.
i did wrong and i got a smack round the head it was that simple, mind you i am 44 and if i get to out of line i dare say she would still smack me round the head even if she does need a step ladder to reach my head lol lol

you should not think like that, think more postive.
my peace will be broken on thursday 11am lol.

I'm sorry, what piece will be broken on Thursday?? Eek
my peace and quite will be broken Slap

mind you i can think of one part of my body thats going to get well used on thrusday so that might break Rapps
Eek I don't even want to know what your talkin' about Davey, Oh my virgin eyes. Can't see this must bash computer screen now. Comp1 You ought to be ashamed of yourselves! Rapps Nah Just kidding.
hay don't act all sweet and innocent on me your the one with the nice lawyer remember Eek

well i am being nagged none stop so things are back to normal Nono, got moaned at for not taking my tablets far too many left in the packets.

as if i don't have enough to cope with the doctor noticed i was not breathing correct again. a x-ay pushed and pulled about and i have bloody pneumonia in my left lung again, thats the thrid time in the same place in less then a year
does not bother me that much to be honest, they will clear it again i swear when they think its all clear its not there is a little tiny bit still in the base of my lung and it comes back over the following months.

oh can you upload your avatar again, the forum did a clean up of the upload folders and deleted alot of the avatars

Rapps You already know what I was referring too, and if you saw my Lawyer you wouldn't be sayin' that. Slap Glad to see the forum is back up and runnin' again. I thought I might have done something to monkey up my internet. I got the PC Tools Internet Security 2011 and let me tell you what. talk about a mess to have to learn everything. Doubt I will keep it. Tends to lock up the computer alot. Just wish I could find something that doesn't take up so many resources. I did have avast free antivirus and then of course had to find a spyware program, a firewall, and then some and talk about loaded resources. Any ideas on what I could use that wouldn't take up so many resources that is a security suite? I know at one time you said Norton, but I am a little hesitant on Norton as I have heard a lot of people say bad things about Norton. Eek

P.S. Changed my avatar, couldn't remember what I had there before so I found a good Dolphin picture, thought it went well with the name!

Oh, and can you plz see you can do another signature thing. I've got a good one I would like to use, but can't since you can only have 1 character. PLEASE???????
PC Tools Internet Security what a pile of crap that is. i know you don't really like it but microsoft do the lightest anti-virus around.
it don't hog the system, the only thing you have to remember with it is to keep it updated everyday and do a full scan not a quick scan once a week. that and malwarebytes running a full scan once a week and your pretty safe.

there are a few other free programs that i need to add to the site as well and while i am thinking about it i will let you know.
this program is very simple to use and will keep IE, firefox, oprea, chrome free from cookies and stop them building up crap.

i have enabled the signature again however it was being used by people to post spam links, it might be ok now as i have a anti- spam plug in on the site but if i noticed it being used again i will shut it off, its just to protect the members from looking at crap

funny the site came up 5 mins after my lawyer phoned the host, i phoned them twice during the day and really lost it the second time, trying to talk down to me like i don't know what i am doing, i am the wrong person to do that to and i was in a stinking mood because the forum was down they got a right earful off me and after 5 mins they put the phone down Slap
i was going to phone back and carry on where i left off but phoned my lawyer.

i must learn not to play about with these people i should just phone the lawyer and let him do it.
i loose my temper far to easy with brain dead people reading a pre set screen, it drives me crazy, i get to the point where i want to shove their face in to the screen.
Yeah I actually had just read your email when I saw that the forum was back up. I was like oh shit, my computer done messed up again and thought It needed a good bashing! Comp1 Then when I took off PC tools cuz I thought it might have blocked some how, like it was doin, blocking almost every site I go too, and I go to them on a regular bases so it's not like I'm doin' something new. DUMBASS! Glad to see it's back up, and runnin' again. Clap

Oh and Thank you for puttin' the signature back up. I have a very good one and wanted to use it. Got some good things to put on here, so you know me, I won't spam! I hate that shit anyway!Grin
well don't get too use to it i had another warning this morning by email telling me about the sites size blah blah.
time to look for a new host and then ask mr lawyer to get the full three years hosting cost back from this pile of jokers.
i just dam well paid it as well so this really is a kick in the teeth from a host.

the site will go down if i find a new host thats because i have to move every dam file and that takes a while on a site the size of this one.
sometimes it can be transfered over but the way these people are playing about i doubt very much if they will play ball.
i need to look for a host that is really for mybb software and not a run of the mill place that can't cope with the traffic.
took me 4 hours last night to lighten the mybb load on the mysql database wake up this morning to a warning so it is time to up and move. that will be the third time i have out grown a host.

site is just becoming to big for its own good.
Slap You would think those jokers would want the traffic, but now we know how they are, we can spread it around by mouth what jerks they are.

I would think you would want the site to get bigger than it's own good, just goes to show how awesome this forum is and will continue to get bigger, as you and the staff at this site are just the best! Clap

I hope you are able to get your money back on what you have spent to keep this forum up and goin' for us idiots that don't know jack about computers and need smart people to help us! Grin

How are things goin' on the home front? Things here are just about the same, Boring! I tell ya, I will be glad to know if I get this SSI so I can get somethings taken care of here at home and pray things might start lookin' up for me again. Sad it takes money to get a life! HAHAHAHA! I know it will feel good to be able to get things for my own self again and not have to rely on someone else to do it for me. Not to mention a big self-esteem boost. Can't say it will be much as I lack in that field A LOT!
well just in case you wonder its hostmonster that are being a real pain in my butt.
them and their cpu throttling software, Ha! can't even make its mind up on how long the site has been throttled.

things are back to normal my ears ring with the sound of take your tablets, rest, what are you doing that for blah blah,
i rest when i run away to that nice big rock lol its safe up there as i know only too well i won't be followed, plus i can go off road and hide in the tress, oh its a very nice place to go and just sit and let the world go by.
trying to find a new host now, but i have to look behind the big flashy site ads and read the small print on what they can do to you and your site.

not had any other warnings this week so should be ok for a while till i can sort something else out.
i will have to warn the members when i move as there will be some down time.

the site will continue to grow and i want it to grow it just can't do it the way things are at the moment.
mind you i never expected it to get this big in the first place.
its shot past bigger and older driver sites in the rankings but you get what you put in to the content really.
i will help anyone and i will sit for hours over one single problem.
most places won't do that anymore, but i don't like to give up on a problem till i have sloved it or done every possible thing i can think of.
when those 6 led cams first came out and was giving a heap of problems i went out and bought a few of them just so i could strip them down and see what made them tick.
can't see driverguide doing that sort of thing but they are willing to pinch my work and pass it off as their own.
something that made me very mad indeed and got old biggles banned from entering their site, lol

this really is one the last free computer sites left on then net, most people want to charge for basic help or even a driver, that is one thing i will not never do.
the donate button is only there because grateful members asked me to put it up.

the site really could do with more questions being asked but with the likes of this so called auto driver update programs it won't happen.
the problem is you have to pay for that program and it will always find something even if you don't dam well need a update, somthing i have proved many times over.
those programs are about making money and they will trick you anyway they can.

look on the bottom of the forum you should now be able to see a new area for mods and admin

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