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external hard disk buffalo hd - h250u2
i use this hd for itunes music folder as well as some movies that i downloaded.

yesterday, around 4am i turned off my pc. since the external is automatically will turn off too..i didn't bother to check if still in power on. today, when i turned on my pc...i noticed that the external drive is named local disk were i labelled it as external disk. so i immediately check the ext hd and i was suprised when i touched it and it's too hot. i let it cool it down. when the temperature is normal..i use it again. but still with local disk labelled and the automatic scan pop up for awhile. then the worst is not accessable and stating the disk is not formatted..and asking if i like to format it? is there any way i can retrieve my files?
you can try don't panic 2 which i have listed here for you.

thats a data recovey program i have used for years.
it calls back info even from a formatted drive.

with some data recovery programs you have to format the drive so windows can see it before you can use the data recovery program, because windows does not deep format the data does not get deleted.
a pc will only format the tack numbers not teh track its self thats why its possible to call back information thats been deleted.
if this happens on the Amiga no way in hell would get any info back as the amgia formats the track number and the the whole track making it impossible to call info off the drive.

if that drive was still reading at the point windows shut off the power it got stuck reading the same track over and over till you switched the pc back on, do a disk scan on it with the hard drive inside that case tools.
IE WD datasafe, seagate drive tools e.t.c

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.zip   Don\'t Panic (Size: 1.75 MB / Downloads: 15)
i already downloaded the file you provided. right now, the disk is not accessable..once you left click it..the cursor will keeps on rolling/waiting for the response from the disk..after 20 will prompt you that the disk is not formatted and asking if you want to format it. if you will try to right click the the said will also take you around 20 secs before you can click the properties. now on the properties of that disk... it says..file system is raw...and all used and free space are 0 bytes. also tried the tools for disk check/ error checking..but no success. had checked the automatically fix file system errors and scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors then start..but it will bring me back to tools. nothing happens.

should i format the disk so i can access it? and use the program u provided called dont panic 2?
well if you have no access to the drive you might as well format it, but don't go adding any data to that drive untill you run don't panic or it will overwrite your saved files.

did you try don't panic on the drive ?
even if windows can not access its content sometimes that program will.
yes but still on processing.. after this..what should i do? i think i have 30 gb remaining on my drive c..can the recovered images fit on it?
the recovered file size will be the same as the saved file size
so if you had 30gig of saved music it will take 30gig of your hard drive

the saved file and the recovered file have to match both size and type wise or they don't work.

don't panic is not a fast program it can take hours and hours depending on how big your hard drive is.
i have seen it take 48 hours to recover what it can.
no data recovery is what you would call fast, it can't be.
the program has to check every single track over and over in order to try and recover the file.

some recovery programs are faster then don't panic but they don't try as hard to get your data back.

there are some programs out there that say they can low level format and partiton and keep the saved data, but i have never seen one work the way it should, they still blank the drive leaving you with one option and that is programs like don't panic.
cool! but i guess i have to buy 1st the 2tb on sale now..for only 8k yen. yes i noticed it will take time to recover the files. actually i am tempted to buy it yesterday but instead..i bought 8 gb of micro sd and dual adapter of micros sd for memory stick for psp use. it's much cheaper than sony and other brand of memory stick. so right now, i canceled the back up...and will continue once i got a new hd. give you further info by next week maybe..after out of town work again starting tomorrow.
you could still see if that program will do the job.
the amount of time you had it running it should have started to recover a few files, if you look in my doc, my recoverd files you should see something.

that way you will know if that program will help or not
hi dave! i already bought 2tb hard disk w/c is on sale for only 8k yen. it's wdc wd20ears. i installed it and on bios set up, it was automatically detected and it is on the secondary drive. my 1st drive is ide which is 160gb only. but when started my windows didn't show up on my computer. but if you will look on the device manager. the said hd is installed and working properly. do you any idea why it was not detected? had checked the site and it requires me after installation to download acronis true image wd edition software. this is cloning software right? don't want to clone my xp since i was planning to have dual boot. one is xp and the other one is windows 7.
i tried to uninstall it and install again. it says it was installed and ready to use..but still didn't show up on "my computer".
yes needs to be partitioned and formatted to show in my computer,
if you start in windows, control panel , admin tools, computer managerment, storage, then in then in the left hand list, disk managerment you will be able to see the drive, partition and format it.
done. thanks davey! now i will back up the hd.
i used the dont panic on my ipod and i successfully recovered the deleted files. however, it takes me 1 week plus to recover the files and i am wondering how much more if i will back up my 250 gb files? instead.. i will format it and start downloading movies and games again.

but i really do appreciate on that software you gave me.. i manage to recover my music. thank you very much!
agreed thats the problem with don't panic, its a good program at data recovery but it does take its time.
it checks and double checks every last single track on a hard drive

its got a few people out of trouble over the years when the hard drive did not want to give up its information.

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