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Windows 7 Update Fail
I just got back from a vacation, so I didn't use my computer for almost a month. When I come back, there are updates that needed to be installed, so I shutdown my computer for them to install.

When I went to turn my computer on, it loaded then after it said it was starting windows my computer automatically just turned off then back on. It kept doing it so I did a system recovery in safe mode and it works fine now. It happened 2 times in a row and I did the same thing both times. I'm guessing one of the updates are corrupted or something?
sounds like windows has loaded a device driver for hardware.
sometimes windows thinks it knows best when it 100% wrong.

click start, then in the search type
event viewer.

the error should be listed there.
don't wait for windows to auto update.
use windows update yourself, when it gives you a list of what it wants to install check to see if any device driver is listed, if it is tell windows not to load it and don't remind you about that update again, that will stop windows from ever loading that driver.
I did a system restore, would it still be listed anyways?

Also I checked everything in the update. Basically everything is a Security Windows 7 for x64-based system updates, 1 .NET Framework, 2 Security update for Internet Explorer 8, and 1 Windows Malicious Software Removal tool.
next time that machine fails, start in safe mode then check event viewer.
its pretty hard to tell from here which one of the updates is doing this to your machine.
I tried to do that but there was no option to start in safe mode, all it said was Startup Repair or Start Normally.
I tried to start normally and it the did the same thing.
After that I did Startup Repair and it said it failed but it booted up. After the second attempt I did the Startup repair again, it failed again but this time it would do the same thing and fail to start windows so I did a System restore using the Startup repair by going to System Recovery options when it had failed.

I guess I could try to install them one at a time and see what happens?
i think that is the only way to find out what one of those updates is giving you the problem.
Alright so after installing them all one by one I found out which update makes my computer reboot when Windows 7 is starting up. It is:

Security Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2160329)
Error details: Code 800F0816
Update type: Important

All the other updates successfully installed except this one. Whats going on, does it not like my computer?

The only error I saw in the event viewer log is under Critical level and it said that "The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly."
Its the same error like the other times when I was trying to install the update.
ok i think i now understand what is going on.
that patch it to stop a elevation of privilege to some of the drivers in kernel-mode. to allow a hacker to gain access to the pc to run a program.
teh chances of that are very small and the program the hacker might use has to be installed first.

try this install but please please make a new restore point before you try this.

that patch must be loaded by the system administrator, it might screw up if you load it under a guest sign.
so log in as the system admin with your username and password and then install it.

this is what that update does.

it not just for windows 7 its for all versions of windows.
i need to shut my pc down and start in windows 7 64bit and see if mine has done that, i don't use windows 7 that much.
ok just on windows 7 now, mine has yet to do that update so i will do it right now and see if my pc crashes with it as well.
i am logged in as admin.
because it deals with kernel-mode and a driver i just wonder what driver it is, if i can find out more information on it i might be able to find you a update driver that allows that patch to install.

if i am not back in 5 mins that will mean it screwed mine up as well.

oh and before i forget if you don't want to install that update the way to stop windows is like this.
go to windows update and get it to show you the updates it wants to install.
put a tick in the box of the update you don't want then right click on the update and tell windows to hide it.
it should no longer install after that.
I'm logged as admin which is my main account. I'll try to install it again, wonder why it causes my computer to reboot.
well mine restarted ok.
the update installed without a problem.

some updates those dealing with the main core of windows which is the kernel coding do need windows to restart in order in install fully.

if it messes up your system again let me know and i will see what i can find out about that update and problems when installing

dam i need a shower i stink lol lol lol
Alright I shutdown my computer for it to install, it did it again, but when Windows was Starting it showed what was being applied and when it finished it turned off then on again like it did before. I let it run all the way to where it said Starting Windows with the logo and it turned off again as if it was stuck in that loop.

After it did it again i force shut it down and waited a few seconds, then I turned it on again and it successfully booted up and went to the login screen.

I'm confused as to what happened. It works now, it said it was Installed successfully in the Update history and there are no new updates to be found.

it was just one of those updates your pc did not like.
when you shut it down and left it the pc cleared its memory simms.
maybe and this is only a idea the update was someting to deal with the memory controller of a chipset driver,
if the update was still in the memory it would go in to a endless loop of start up and shut down.
Well I have bad news my psu died yesterday. i was actually posting on here but then my computer turned off all of a sudden. i tried to turn it back on but nothing. All i hear is the psu make a faint high pitch noise. the fan doesn't turn on the psu either. i felt the psu and it was pretty hot. i ordered a new one already.
when a psu dies a death like that there are a few things you should do just in case as it dropped dead it surged your motherboard.
remove the old psu, remove the bios battery, remove your memory from their slot and allow the whole lot to drain any built up current.

I have seen and i dare say most pc tech's have seen a motherboard fry right along with the psu.
emachines are one of the worse for that, right along side HP

thats not meant to scare the living hell out of you but i have seen it happen.
well that would be bad.. i hope it still works, i took out the psu, cmos batt., and ram. i can't afford to build another new pc right now.
i got a new psu but now im starting to think it was that update. when i booted the computer and logged on it turned off by itself. i cleared the bios again and it turned after that. i attempted to login and i was able to but there was no internet available. then i got some popup saying windows wasn't validated. when i saw that, i did i system restore and now it won't even boot to windows. each time i try it goes to startup restore and attempts to fix it but fails each time. i might have to reinstall window
if your hard drive was reading or writing at the time of the power out caused by the old psu it might have damaged a sector on it.
do a drive check with the hard drive tools from however made that hard drive.
then i think its best to just go ahead and reinstall windows after that.
don't add any drivers till windows is fully up to date inc that update thats been giving you so much trouble.
Well I reinstalled everything back, well with the exception of all my personal data that was on my computer but I got all the updates to install and such.
What the problem actually was still leaves me thinking. Why it kept failing doesn't really make much sense to me.
yes i am sorry to say windows does work like that at times.
you do something which is so simple and windows throws a fit and refuses point blank to do what your telling it.

i admit i have more then once sat here thinking why the bloody hell did windows just do that. ?

in your case i think you had the driver installed that windows was trying to patch.
if your windows had already been accessed in that driver, windows tried to close the hole so to speak and could not so crashed.
thats one possible answer i could think of, the other is windows just did not want to apply that patch to a bad driver and crashed.
the list of reasons why could go on for ever and to be honest i doubt you will ever find the answer.


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