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Windows 7 Update Fail
Well it has happened Yet again lol. But I had to reinstall my OS since it wouldn't start up at all. Before the login screen I got a quick blue screen of death before it would restart and do the same thing over and over.

It kind of sucks because I have no way of knowing it will happen until the next day.
that i am sure is a windows update driver doing that.

if it happens straight off its the chipset / sata if it happens just before login it could be sound card, modem, wifi card , lan or just as its finished loading the video card driver and shown you the login screen.

windows 7 is not as stable as m/s would have you beleive, xp is much more stable then windows 7.
and please don't even start me off on vista gggrrrr biggest pile of crap since windows ME

Yeah I never had issues with XP updates. Its very annoying and I don't want to be reinstalling my OS just because an update errored and sends my computer into a never ending bootup sequence.

Also I uninstalled AVG the other night to try out a new Anti-Virus program and my computer didn't like it I guess and it refused to boot up Win7. It never made it the login screen, just kept restarting itself.
Well, I have gotten yet another update fail. Its for sp1 though. I'm not sure if it makes much of a difference with security and all.
I looked into it a little and found that others were experiencing it as well. I tried that windows hotfix or whatever it was, didn't work though.

Basically this is what I get
you sure you don't already have sp1 installed ?

windows 7 still updates its self even when you tell it not to, you can't fully shut down the auto updates

if you go in to control panel. system icon. the silly screen that rates the hardware on the top of that it should say windows 7 version and if any service pack.
Don't think i have it, just says Windows 7 Professional
this is the standalone service pack that i use.
download it fully to your desktop then come off line.
check to make sure your clock and date are set correct.

shut down windows firewall ( control panel )
shut down your anti-virus program

try the install that way
if it still fails start in safe mode and try and install it that way.
Hopefully I got the right one
windows6.1-KB976932-X64.exe (903.2MB)
I think I got it right, X64 is 64-bit and X86 is 32-bit?

On a side note, programs that are in Local disk under Program Files(x86) are 32-bit programs?

Dang no luck, it gives me the same error. These window updates hate my computer.
Tried safe mode as well, same error came up.
You think it could be like my past windows fail updates? Maybe a clean install would resolve it?
yup x64 = 64bit x86=32 bit

some programs are 32bit but still run under a 64bit o/s
in fact if the turth be told most programs are still 32bit.

its taken a long long time for 64 bit to come main stream its never really been supported that well and even today its still
not as supported as a 32bit system.

if you think about it windows xp 64bit was crap, half hearted attempt by microsoft, windows vista 64bit was dam unstable and not supported the only one that seems to be getting the support is windows 7 64bit.
but even here there is a problem as some shop bought pc's may well have a 64 bit chip and hardware but to save a few $$$ they ship with a 32bit o/s.

have read of this

I ran that SFC /SCANNOW and it found some errors, they are in the CBS.log some couldn't be repaired.
Probably going to run a system repair later today and hope that fixes it.
before you go head long in to a full system reinstall of windows try windows system restore and go back to the point before you stated added any updates.

if that works it should accept service pack 1 and save you a heap of trouble
That would be nice, but my earliest restore point was from a week ago lol
I don't really want to reinstall windows though
windows 7 has a backup program have you set that ?

you could use a backup if you have
Yeah I checked that but didn't go far back either.
I might do a fresh install, its been a while since I have. I don't get how I got corrupt files though.
Wouldn't corrupt files mess with my system like slow it down or something? I don't notice anything different though.
depends where in the system they are and what they do.
if its something that you don't use them you won't really know till you try and use a program or a system tool that needs those files.
its very easy to get corrupt files, virus attack that was killed and the file got deleted, a disk defrag that went wrong e.t.c

if you reinstall windows again and then update to service pack one then install all your normal programs e.t.c thats the time when you should do a full system backup to dvd disk because one screw up and you can go back to where you were.

i know microsoft just love saying new improved windows blah blah blah but windows 7 still suffers the same as any other version of windows the longer its on the system the more crap it builds up and the system slows down.

i have just ordered some kingston hyper x memory for this core 2 as i don't think windows 7 64 bit likes my super fast ocz ddr3, windows xp loves the stuff but i am pretty sure its that causing this pc to crash under windows 7, so when the kingston shows up i might try running windows 7 again myself.
Yeah I hate that about windows. I usually do a fresh install every 6 months or so and its been a while for me.
I don't mind it too much but reinstalling can be a pain.
But yeah I seen that alot, the longer windows is on a system you do start noticing performance drops.

So reformatted my hard drive today and man its giving me hell this time around.
A couple of updates will not install and I have gotten a BSOD after some updates of them as well. I haven't figured out which one(s) exactly that caused the BSOD.
Also Windows 7 sp1 still WILL NOT update, it fails on a clean installation.
I have no idea whats going on but it has me puzzled atm.
Also after some updates you have to shut it down right? I do so but then it freezes up while its saying shutting down. I had to go earlier and do some work so I left my computer since it was updating while shutting down and came back to it still on frozen at "Shutting Down". This has happened a couple of times on this clean installation as well.
What could it be? My hard drive causing some issues or what?
if its freezing soild on a clean install it could be a driver problem.
windows might not be able to switch off a device so can't shut down fully.
problem is it could be a number of drivers ranging from your motherboard, sound card, video card e.t.c

i do have some problems myself with windows 7 with my x48 chipset, the chipset is fine its just windows don't like the memory controllers and every now and then it give me a bsod of death it also does it with my sound card that windows keeps reloading, problem is windows loads the wrong card.
thats what happens when windows thinks it knows better then the user does.

update your sata drivers, and motherboard drivers first and see how you get on from there.
Thanks, yeah I figured out what the issue is.
Though I still have doubts about W7 SP1 installing.
I guess I'll find out shortly lol
if it fails again check the event viewer for the time and date of the install.
maybe that will throw some light on why it won't install.
i have to admit i don't get that problem myself sp1 does install for me.
its just windows 7 that won't work the way i want on this motherboard.
you can also try to install it in safe mode just in case its a driver or a running service thats blocking the install.
i think it install's in safe mode.

not sure if its a microsoft fault or a intel fault in supporting my chipset.
both say its built in the O/S which is fine if it worked, i end up loading part of the vista 64 bit drivers just to get a half stable system
and clear the sm bus error


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