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Windows 7 Update Fail
I did manage to install it in safe mode.
I don't know why it wouldn't install before but now its seems to be fine.
Though I wonder if it has to be because I had turned off auto updates.
the stand alone download does not take in to account if your auto update is on or not.
in fact when you install that update it will auto switch it back on anyway.
microsoft just love to nose around in your pc these days.

auto update is only one of many way they access your machine.
even if you have your time set to auto set by their time server then they have access to your machine.

what i think you should do is use nlite and put service pack 1 on your install disk that way if you ever need to install a fresh copy of windows service pack 1 will already be there.
So I should just burn sp1, where would I get it and when I need to reinstall all I need is that disk not the original W7 disk correct?
I never burned a sp before so not sure how I should go about it.
what you do with nlite is use your original W7 disk and copy the contents of it to a folder on your desktop.

then download the stand alone service pack for W7

again download that to a folder on your desktop.

download nlite. http://www.nliteos.com/

follow the wizard in nlite its very simple to do a disk that has both your original W7 with sp1 attached.
how to use nlite


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