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PLEASE help with downgrading HP Pavilion dv6000 to Windows XP pro
I will do that at bootup...also my HP webcam isnt working :( It's built in.[/align]
it might be this one thats used in the DV6000 range.

if not can you call up its device id string.

(08-29-2010, 09:21 AM)davey6 Wrote: it might be this one thats used in the DV6000 range.

if not can you call up its device id string.


i hope your saving these drivers on to a disk somewhere, its always a good thing to have a backup driver disk just in case all else fails.
I'm saving this thread. So dont delete it, lol!
the only time this will get deleted is if the forum gets hacked to bits and i can't restore it Pcfite

I done a massive backup last night so the database files will have this lot already built in it.

I have a memory pen just for this site, all backups are kept safe on that.
he say's praying to god the pen don't screw up Comp1
(08-30-2010, 09:26 AM)davey6 Wrote: the only time this will get deleted is if the forum gets hacked to bits and i can't restore it Pcfite

I done a massive backup last night so the database files will have this lot already built in it.

I have a memory pen just for this site, all backups are kept safe on that.
he say's praying to god the pen don't screw up Comp1

LOL! Im loving the smiley smashing the computer. Thanks Dave for all of your help!

(08-23-2010, 07:34 PM)davey6 Wrote: right been reading the business side at hp, its the only way to find possible answers sometimes as the standard support sucks.

they say this may be your wifi driver.
i have my doubts over that to be honest i would think it might be this one myself.

microsoft UAA ( if not already installed )

geforce GFX card

( i know this set work as a few members have already installed it )

your going to need everest as well and that you can download from here and i will tell you why.
your need the everest ultimate download

if your wifi still refuses to work with the list of drivers above i will need you to do the following.
install everest, and run it.
look in the left hand list and click the little + next to network.
click pnp/pci network

let me know what cards are listed by everest.

card reader

sm bus and co cpu drivers.

these two need to be fully unpacked and installed from device manager update driver option

your sound is still going to be a problem but once the UAA is installed and device manager then list's unknown HD audio on such and such bus we can try and track that down.

doing downgrades is not as easy as some people think, it takes time and try this and try that.
most support sites and tech people just won't do it as you need to put in lot of time and effort and most of all leg work on the net to find the answer's

on here i have helped countless people with downgrading and something i enjoy as the answers don't come easy.

Hey would you help me to find a good driver to Hp pavilion dv6910 us. Everything works instead of the ohci ieee 1394 controller.
I read everything here, and I've tried it. But the driver what you put here didn't work. Do you have an another driver for the 1394 controller?
Thank You.
the firewire driver should really come from windows update.
everything i could find otherwise is on this post.

the problem is not the drivers as such the problem is in the bios update by HP, its stopped the standard windows xp firewire drivers from loading.

your only hope in getting the firewire posts to work on this machine is to do a bios downgrade to a early version.
i don't advise you do that unless you really need the firewire ports as it does carry a risk of a bad flash which would stop your motherboard from even booting.
Hi Team,

First of all, this forum is great. I almost have the all the needed drivers installed on my laptop. By the way, i have downgraded my laptop (same model dv6910us) from Vista to XP Pro SP2. I also have issues with the drivers and by just following this thread, I almost have it all done. I only have 4 issues which are:

At device manager, with exclamation point and question mark on the following devices:

Audio device on high definition audio bus:

Modem device on high definition audio:

I tried locating the driver on the previous link posted on this thread (sound but is unsuccessful since the file has been deleted already or invalid. Can anyone please help in providing the downloadable driver for this (and the procedures in the installation)? Upon installation of the Everest Ultimate application, the multimedia audio adapter is "Conexant audio - Conexant Cx20549 @ nVIDIA MCP67 - High Definition Audio Controller".

Also, there are 2 devices with exclamation points on it, which are:

OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller

NVIDIA nFORCE Networking Controller #2 (note: Wifi already installed and working properly).

I hope someone could help me finalize my laptop OS downgrade. Thanks in advance.
ok been doing a little digging, but i must ask have you loaded the UAA driver ?
this is important as xp is thick to HD audio without it.

if not you can find a possible sound card driver and the UAA listed here.

again its important that the UAA is loaded before the conexant main sound card or it will go wrong.

also try the modem listed for that model and the lan

before i forget, the 1394 is the firewire port and unless you use this its safe just to disable it in device manager as that may need a bios downgrade in order to get running,

if that don't get that sound running this one might.
Hi Dave,

Upon checking at device manager => system devices, i am seeing the "microsoft UAA bus driver for high definition audio" working properly (no question mark or exclamation point on it. Are there any procedures on how to check if it is properly installed? By the way, both the drivers provided earlier did not resolve my sound card issue. I got error message: Drive Installation Failed: Could not find the media device for this driver.

does look like the UAA is installed.

run windows update now and bring your version of windows bang up to date.
then try the second driver again, that is the correct driver for that sound card.

if after updating it still won't load force windows xp to install it by using the add new hardware icon in control panel.

if you don't know how to use that let me know and i will tell you.
ok what i have done is get hold of that CX20549 driver off HP fully unpacked the sp number and ripped out the basic driver for you.
if you look on the bottom of this post you will find a zip file

download that and fully unpack it.

go in to device manager, right click on the problem sound and select update driver.
don't let windows search, click choose from a list and then click next,

click browse, then crowse to the unpacked folder and highlight he INF file
click next, with luck windows xp will now install this driver as I removed all the conexant auto search crap from that driver.
whats left is just the basic system files that windows needs.

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 622.84 KB / Downloads: 26)
Hi Dave, actually, i just have completed successfully forced installation of the my sound card driver (via the second driver you provided, add hw and forced installation). It worked!!!! (Thanks for the current 2:50am procedures, i already have it installed via your 5:46pm advice).

To add, this is my first time to install a complete package of my laptop (from the XP pack 2 to the drivers) and though downgrading my HP laptop model, it seems i am an expert because of all your help and assistance (i know im fully backed-up and supported by the experts).

Now I can stick two fingers up at HP and say its running xp like it or not!!! I will definitely store all the drivers needed in a safe place and save a copy of this terrific thread.

Another thing, do i have to upgrade to service pack 3?

Thanks alot for the help and more power. Keep it up!!!
I think as soon as vista came out people started asking me to help with downgrading machines.

people handing over brand new out the box laptops saying i hate this can you put windows xp on it.
if people now class you as a expert your going to get laptops thrown your way Pcfite

you don't have to install service pack 3 if you don't want to but really i would advise you to do it as it patches alot of holes in xp.

service pack 3 is not even the end of the updates there is still another 400 meg + after that, its about time M/S got off their butts and came out with service pack 4.

xp does not have much life left and M/S will now start to lay off the support, april 2014 is when they want to drop xp fully but what we need is people power to force them to carry on supporting it.

for me xp is much more stable and far more user end friendy then vista and windows 7 plus its what most people in the world started using when computers became part of everyday life.

some kids have not known any other versions of windows they have grown up with xp as the norm, my own sisters kids grew up with xp on their machines and they just won't upgrade or let go of xp,
they think its good to have a uncle like me, free computer support for life Grin
Uncle Dave, thanks for all the help. Speaking of "people power", yesterday (February 25, 2011 - Manila date/time) is the 25th year anniversary of the EDSA people power revolution here at RP. I guess right after the anniversary, i also got "free at last" of my Vista experience and is back to my "XP" life.

Again, thanks and more power, till next time....
Hi Dave,

While I'm not trying to downgrade this model laptop, a dv6910us to be precise, I am trying to restore a friend's after he loaded the thing up with mountains and mountains of malware and viruses. [Image: dry.png]

Now, I've tracked down, navigated and installed every quirky driver for this machine through google searches, thanks HP, but am left with two head scratchers. The IEEE 1934, which you expalined was the firewire, which I can do without and one more.
My Device Manager says that my Video Controller (VGA Compatible) is missing its driver, but I've already installed all my NVidia nForce drivers and chipset and I can't figure out why it still says I need a driver for that specific part of the display function. Any ideas?

Thanks. :)
the VGA is the main video card.
the nforce drivers which are your chipset drivers don't alway contain or load the geforce vga card.
i need to see what card is in that machine for you and see if i can find a download.
i need to know what windows you downgraded to i would take a guess and say xp

ok as this won't load the standard grforce drivers you willl need a mod driver and laptop to go would be the best bet.

this set of driver should get your gfx card running.

that is for xp 32bit

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