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PLEASE help with downgrading HP Pavilion dv6000 to Windows XP pro
I'll try that driver. My OS is Windows XP Pro and the NVidia card in the laptop is a nForce 560. You are the man! Thanks!
So the driver you listed did not take the yellow exclaimation away from the video controller and also there was a modified INF file on that site to download too, but it is no longer available when you go to download it. Hmmm..... :/
ok i will se what else i can find. it has to be a mod driver because HP do not supply the correct driver for that laptop under windows xp.
i might even have it myself in my downloads i just need to look.
the nforce 560 is the chipset

right double checking my downloads and the specs of that machine its the geforce 7150.
thats the main VGA card in that laptop.
download the Nvidia geforce 7150 i have listed here.

if this one fails to install i will tell you how to load it the manual way or force it in to xp.
DLed and tried to install and it said it could not find any compatible hardware on my PC for those drivers. Also, the file linked to under the 7150 is named nvidiago6150. Is that right?
yes thats right its just my file naming back then as that driver works both the 7150 and the 6150

right before we end up banging our heads on the wall i need to make sure the specs i found on the net match your VGA
your going to have to call up the VGA cards device id string you can do it this way.

How to find a unknown device id string in windows.
click start , control panel , double click system icon.
click hardware tab, device manager.
double click the unknown device,
click details tab.
use the pull down menu select device id instance
please let me know what it tells you as they will then tell me what card is in that machine
On of the solutions for IEEE1394 is to use Unibrain's 1394a & 1394b suite. It works fine for dv6552ea.
can you confirm if that works with the updated bios codes from HP ?

reason i ask is because it was the update bios that stopped the firewire installing under xp.

I found this thread similar to my problem. I've got dv6425us, XP installed and one problem. There is no wireless in device manager, even as unknown device. All devices seems to be installed. The wireless button is always amber no matter in what position it is...

HP WA - many versions installed - not single one working - double clicking does nothing.

Please help...
go in to the laptops bios,
make sure the wifi card is set to enabled in the bios or windows can not see the card.
the other possible thing it may be is a faulty wifi card.

also cehck in device manager under network adapters just in case windows has loaded a driver.
There is no function of enabling wifi in bios. Under network, as I said before, there is no wireless either.
there is normally a option to shut the wifi down in the bios.
it should be under the same sub menu as the audio and firewire card e.t.c

if the bios is not listing the card as well it may have a fault.
what you can try is shutting the laptop down.
remove the power adapter and battery
turn it upside down and look for a trap door.
open that and you should find the memory and the wifi card.
remove the card and then put it back in just in case it needs to be reseated.

one other thing springs to mind that would stop windows from finding that card and that is the main chipset drivers.
have you loaded the main chipset for that laptop ?
First, in dv6425us laptop in the bios I can only change time, date and boot priority, and change passwords. There is nothing else. I think in older bioses this function was there.

I did remove card and put it back - nothing changed.

I have loaded main chipset for that laptop, in device manager I have no unknown devices as well. The problem is that I'm not sure if that drivers were good :)
if you have unknown device's in your laptop please list their device id strings and i will try and pinpoint them for you.
the problem is even the quick keys and card reader can be listed as unknown if windows does not understand them.

your best bet is to list them and i will work through them with you.
how to do that can be found here.
As I said before, I have NO unknown devices. Simply there is no wifi. Known or unknown.
ok that was my fault for not reading your post correcty sorry.
pull the widi card out and note down any part numbers on it.
i will try that way to see if i can find out what card this is.
On one sticker, from the top:
there goes barcode...

After peeling off first sticker there is second:
MAC: 001A735E50B5
AS#: 418572-001
SPS#: 441090-001
engrev5.4 REV:0A
Product of china ;)

Will it help?

I have one another question. Someone told me that it is graphics card - there were nvidia chips which were fault. Laptop sometimes stops responding, but still showing picture. After turning off, it try to read dvd, nothing happens, after a few seconds laptop restarts itself. On and on. Sometimes, after few such restarts it start. Sometimes it has to be turned off for few hours before it can be started again. What is the problem? Is it graphics or something else? And games on facebook is a nightmare. They stop every minute. For the record - I had HP mini 210-2200 for reinstall, I tried games on FB, they worked well. And that mini is hmm... 4 times slower?
yes some nvidia boards do have a fault but its not in the chip itself so to speak, more to do with the way its mounted to the motherboard.

they have bad solder joints which cause the chip to stop working or responding.

i have seen a few home repairs on the net none of which i would sugest to a member as they can all lead to a non working machine.

the fault is really down to HP to fix but they never did a recall on affected machines as the fault tends to start showing up after the machines have run out of warrenty.
its not just hp thats affected.
to be honest they are just tight sods they know there is a problem but want you to pay for it.
OK, I'll search the ways to repair it by myself. If it will be too hard, I'll search some service that will do it for me. But is it graphics for sure? And what about that being slower than mini even? Is it that card too? And finally, what about that wifi? :)
Hello? No ideas?

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