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Need Canon PIXMA iP 1200 driver for windows 7 32bits
My problem i cant get the official driver to work on windows 7 home premium 32bits. My vista laptop is fried just now and i only have this laptop that using windows 7 and i need to print out my business matter ASAP. Please help me to get the driver working because its very important!
what you can do is try the windows xp driver or if you have the disk that came with the printer the windows vista drivers under windows 7
if you use the compatibility wizard built in to windows 7 it should accept the driver.
how to find and use that wizard can be found here.

as you are installing a printer i would advise you to shut down your firewall and any anti-virus software you may be running.
this will allow windows to set the access port without it getting blocked by one of your programs.
It works! thanks davey! u have save my day! =D i can use the xp driver!

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