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NEED DRIVER for USB webcam
NEED DRIVER for USB webcam
5.0 Megapixel USB PC Webcam Camera
I need driver for Webcam. Read other ?'s n have tried many installs but no go. Always get" ERROR Call class Installer (remove)" message in box. Removed camera case and chipset reads" 168T2 -G N473606 A602677 12" I am running windows 7 , Please help me to find a driver

Thank you europeComp1
that chip number is not calling back anything of use on the search engines.
please call up the device id string and let me know what windows list's

oh and before i forget that error your getting while installing a device can pop up if you have a anti-virus or firewall blocking the install of the device,
if possible cams or anything that needs access to a usb port should be install with your firewall and anti-virus shut down, this stops problems of port blocking
well thats not right its coming back as a standard usb port used by everyone.

is your motherboard drivers installed ?
the reason i ask is simple, this would only happen if the usb drivers for your motherboard are not fully in place.
if possible update your full motherboard chipset drivers

then once thats done,

go online, plug the cam in and let windows auto search for a driver.
i have a feeling you might have what is
classed as a driver free cam, thats rubbish as you still need the driver to come from windows update in order to work the cam
the driver cd is lost
driver cd for your motherboard ?

if thats the case let me know the make and model number of your pc / laptop and i will find you the correct drivers.
if its a non shop bought system, let me know its motherboard make and model and again i will be able to find you the drivers.
Thank you

motherboard model

I am running windows 7
ok drivers for that motherboard can be found here.

the intel inf is the main chipset drivers you need.

i can tell from the spec that this board is running the intel G41 chipset and i know windows 7 does not have built in support for that chipset as i have the x48 myself.
without those drivers installed windows will not fully load the usb2 support needed by your cam
Thanks for the good effort, but did not work

ok did the intel chipset driver install ok ?
did you restart the pc afterwards ?

plug the cam in and run windows update the manual way and see if it picks anything up for you.
once its checked your system look under optional updates for any possible driver

i am also double checking the info you gave me and it might and i do mean might be a aveotek cam, i am trying to confirm that.
if it is you might be in trouble as i can't open the .com or the sites anymore, i need to see if they have gone bust.

even if they have gone bust i will still see whats left on the net driver wise, the problem is i have done so many of these cams now that i may have even done this one before so i have alot of data to check over.

in the mean time try the above, if that don't work see if the device id string has now changed since the chipset driver install, if it has please let me know.
Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)
that code means the driver that is installed has told windows there is a problem with the device its trying to control.

if you have loaded any cam drivers uninstall them from add remove programs, or in windows vista/windows 7 control panel, programs

then unplug the cam

restart windows, go online and plug the cam in once again.

might be a idea for you to try this auto fix at microsoft as well.

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