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graphics drivers
hi davey6 just wondered if there were any newer graphics drivers for my intel d915 gag board running windows 7 as cant find any on the intel site the date on the ones i got is 21/6/2006 thanks
well going by what intel are saying and what i can find on their download site i would have to say no.
intel did not support that board under windows 7

the ones your running on windows 7 are in fact the old windows xp drivers patched by microsoft and come with the o/s

looking at the spec it does say that board has a pci express slot x16 version 1
i would just get a card and fit in that slot.
the only problem you may face is if the slot is not soldered to your board.
intel partner with gigabyte and some OEM partners such as emachines.
if emachines say they want that board without the slot at the point of being built then it would have been built without that slot to lower the cost.

now something i should really point out to you at this stage.
these so called update driver programs are going to pick up on the fact the driver is so old and offer you a much newer version for x amount of $$$, it would be unwise to follow their advice as you have the most up to date driver there is.
thanks davey

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