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windows 7 64bit and memory
ok just a little warning for people upgrading a dual core cpu from windows xp to windows 7 64bit.

I had a machine come in today that someone has upgraded to windows 7 64 bit, normal moans and groans about it being slow and crashing and refusing to play some good games that they played on xp.

it was only when i was checking the machine over i noticed it had 1 gig of ram in dual channel mode 512 meg x 2

when i check to see how much windows was using for its greedy self i found just sitting around picking ots nose it was using 991meg out of 1 gig total.
no wonder nothing else will run windows has taken all the memory amount just to run.
so my adivce to prople thinking of getiing windows 7 64bit is this
bypass the 2 gig stage as windows seeing more memory will start eating in to that as well,
if you want a good system get yourself 4 gig + of nenory.

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