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help with unknown brand of webcam from ebay
hiyas, i got this webcam as a gift from a close friend and well it's not working with my version of windows 7. Y_Y

if anyone can help this would be greatly appreciated here's the link of the ad. if anyone could please help me find drivers for 7 or at the very lease vista or maybe xp. X_X let's just hope there are drivers floating around

Eek windows 7 is proving to be a killer to these cams but i will see what i can do.
please call up the cams id string so i can check it for you.
okies i did what you asked, and the id's are

device id instance path

thats cam 1690.
you may want to read this post.

driver link is also in that post.

install the cam driver from device manager.

there is only one problem i can see and that is windows 64bit.
this cam does not support windows 64bit at all.
^_^ ahh okies. thanks so much for your help~!

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