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HP Pavilion dm3-2010us Win7 to XP Pro

Have downgraded my HP Pavilion dm3-2010us Win7 to XP Pro, except for the sound card, at least based on what I tested so far and have tried a gazzlion different drivers. From IDT to Sigmatel from Lenovo, to HP, to Compaq to Dell websits and cannot for the life of me get the IDT driver to work on this machine for XP.

I do know that the Win7 driver is IDT 6.10.6265, but google searches reveal this driver to be only for Win7. I did find some links like this one below and went down one driver by one driver, or almost to install, still no luck.

So here I am looking for some help.

Below are the main links I tried beyond the HP, compaq, Lenovo, Dell

Anything I can do?

Oh and yes...when I say these drivers do not work in get to install and the IDT audio screen appears and then this error shows, then states the install was aborted.

"the hardware detected is not supported by this idt package. the install will be aborted".

Any helpl would be appreciated. Thanks.

this is not going to be easy IDT took over the old Sigmatel chip range and then improved on it.
problem is IDT did not and do not support windows xp they took the chipsets over when vista was out.

your only real hope is its a the older Sigmatel chipset.
call up the sound chips ID string and let me know what it is.

Big D,

I am not sure how to do this

"...your only real hope is its a the older Sigmatel chipset.
call up the sound chips ID string and let me know what it is...

But what I have found, being unsure how to find the chip info, is the driver I have installed it does the "rear audio" and is titled

ATI Function Driver for High Definition Audio - ATI 791A
IDT High Definition Audio CODEC

This has the speaker appear in the task bar, but no sound.

If you can help me with how to call up the sound chips ID string, then I will give it a whirl.
ok have a quick read of this.

call up the IDT High Definition Audio.

now one thing springs to mind with xp pro.
are you running service pack 2 or service pack 3 ?

reason being service pack 3 is a little screwed up on HD sound cards.
what you really need is sp2 with the UAA driver installed

SP3. I will uninstall shortly 8:30 EST.

The ID string is --I think...


Thanks for even writing back. Often times never hear from anyone, so thank you.
ok i will search for that and see what i can find out for you.

in the mean time go back to sp2 and load up the microsoft UAA driver.
that will tell xp all about HD audio support.

i always answer my members, i can't see the point of having a site and then not putting in that little bit of effort on what may seem a hard question,
it may prove that IDT is for windows vista / 7 but that does not means we can't try to get it running under windows xp.
Thank you. Up early today cannot sleep, work worries. Anyway. tried to uninstall SP3 but get an error will mess with it more today, Saturday / Sunday. Will post results and progress.
oh can't sleep how i know that so well malloy0

times i have sat here nagging away to members when i should have been sleeping like a baby.

anyway , when you have sort your xp to sp2 with the UAA installed i have a driver you can try.

download it from this link.

once its unpakced with winrar please try and load it by device manager.
if it fails force xp to accept it by using add hardware wizard.

10-4, will give it a whirl after I get SP3 UNinstalled. So far no luck, seems like it is termpermental at best. Must know that IE8 has to uninstall first, then Flash 10, then Windows Live, yada, yada, yada. MS does not make it easy do they. Of course I do like the dm3, nice machine.

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