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Driverles Webcam Help
Hi, I recently bought a Ebay Webcam and I need help on using it. :O
On the description it claimed that it was driverless but only the microphone is working. I looked up the Id String and came up with

When I tried reconnecting the webcam,it was still unknown but this time without a yellow ! or ? with this

I tried searching for it but I couldn't find anything that matched. Please help me. D:
I posted this in another thread but I need help quick so I posted a thread about it.
i can't find anything for that device id string and i have seen it before on this site.
i would think it should be driverless if its not listed.

the problem with these so called driverless cams is your usb ports.
if any of the following are out of date the cam does not load its driver the way it should.
motherboard drivers
direct x

now the best way to get a plug and play device to load is this way
unplug the cam and restart your pc
shut down any firewall / anti-virus you may be running

go online

now plug the cam in to a different usb port then the one you have been using
these cams like to be on a motherboard main usb port and not a hub
so the ones right under your keyboard /mouse are the best to use as those two are the first two inline from the chipset.
Thank you for your response. I've finally figured out the problem in which the webcam doesnt work when my network adaptor is plugged in. I found this out the other day so I bought a new Logitech webcam thinking that the eBay webcam was the problem. But when I used my new webcam the same problem happened. The webcams only work when the network adaptor is unplugged. And while I'm using the webcam and I plug the network adaptor in the picture freezes and when I exit and try to load it back up, it says the webcam is used by another program or application. If you can figure out the problem, that would be so much great help. Thanks.
sounds like a IRQ problem in the bios,
your network adaptor and the usb ports might be sharing the IRQ.

go in to the bios of your pc/laptop

load up the bios defaults,
that will reset everything back to full auto mode
Thanks again for the help. I'm kind of a newbie for on computers but if you can guide me through the process it would be easier. You don't have to though. Also will anything happen if i set it back to default such as my data being wiped, etc.
My Mobo specs are:
Manufacturer Dell Inc.
Model 0Y5638
Chipset Vendor Intel
Chipset Model i915P/i915G
Chipset Revision B1
Southbridge Vendor Intel
Southbridge Model 82801FB (ICH6)
Southbridge Revision 03
Brand Dell Inc.
Version A03
Date 09/17/2004

If other specs are needed just tell me in the next post. THANKS.
P.S. Would this also fix the problem?
the funny thing is webcams do not like being on a usb hub like that at all, i would not be suprised if you used such a hub that the picture from the cam goes black, green or show's nothing at all.

don't worry, your bios settings will not blank any of the data held on the hard drive.
bios just means
basic input output system
what it does is hold all the information of the chipset, the motherboard layout e.t.c
when windows loads up it use that information along with the chipset drivers to run as smooth as possible.

to get in to a dell bios you press F2 ar start up, load its defaults then press F10 to save and exit.
windows will then start as normal.

one other thing does sping to mind and that is your chipset drivers
when was the last time you loaded up a chipset driver update ?
if you have not done so this is the correct driver for that chipset.
Oh thanks for the heads-up.

I see, so is there anything at all that will be changed when I put it back to it's defaults. I'm really cautious since I've messed up my computer many times, and my mother gets really angry when I do, especially when I have all my work on it.

I don't think I ever had a chipset driver update. What does it do? Will it help? How do I do it? Do I need it? and is it safe?
Sorry to overwhelm you with all these questions, but I need to be careful to what I do especially concerning the BIO's or any drivers.
I don't mind you asking as many questions as you like i will put your mind at ease the best i can.
the bios will only change the IRQ list that windows use's it will not change windows or your data in any way what so ever.
playing about in the bios settings can not mess up a windows install at all.
the worse you can do is turn off your hard drive in the bios settings and windows won't boot because the bios does not see the hard drive but again your data will be safe even if you do that.

yes you do need the chipset driver, in fact its one of the most improtant drivers needed by windows, what it does is tell windows what chipset you have and the best possible way to use it.

the way to install it is like this.
click the link to intel, click download, accept the license agreement and then download it to your desktop.
once downloaded double click it and the driver will do the rest.

when you restart the pc you may find windows is listing found new hardware such as pci lane and bridge's, pci to usb bridge e.t.c that is all very normal and will auto load the drivers you just installed.

if your worried about your system i have one bit of advice for you.
back up, when ever making changes to your windows system do a system restore point, click start , all programs, accessories, system tools, system restore, make a new restore point.

there is also a few free back up programs on the net this will make a full complete back up of your hard drive inc all data stored.
if everything goes wrong you load the image up and you have your full working pc back again.
i have used this one for a while myself so i know its safe to use.
Oh, I see thanks very much. Do you think if I just load up the defaults the ports will work again? Im in a hassle since my iPhone is stuck at the connect to itunes screen, and I need to restore it via internet. I cant have internet when I plug in my Iphone.
Edit: I cant seem to find how to go to my defaults in my BIOS
Edit 2: I have loaded up the defaults and it still seems to be not working.
did you load the chipset drivers ?
No, I have not. I need a few more details on the chipset drivers. Are you sure that that is the right one? Because I'm not so sure of my mobo and my computer, and I'm worried it can be wrong and mess up my computer. Once that is confirmed I'll run it. Do I have to back up my data for the drivers, and you said it will reload all my drivers when done. Does that include drivers for my other hardware, such as internet adaptor, graphics card, etc? I just need to know anything that will change. Thanks.

PS: I always had my other account automatically logged in, but I ran CCleaner and it deleted my history. I forgot my password so I tried getting it through the email the account was in. It said that it well send my new password to my email but I never got it. I then used the second link provided but when I put the activation code, it says it's wrong. Anyways, if you could PM me or email me my password to iJustin that would be nice.
yes please do load those chipset drivers,
they are 100% the correct ones for your dell.

the intel driver will make a auto restore point when it install's

as for your other drivers no you will not need to reload any of those.

if you did not get the email from the site check your junk folder, the emails sometimes get re-directed straight in there.
i can not see your password not even in the admin panel its held in code by the froum software, all i can do is change the password and then email it to you from the accrount held on the forum.
if you wish me to chance that password just say so and i will do it.
Thanks for link to backup software, I have managed to tangle my Acer provided set up so now I could be back in business.
Oh, uhm I'll load the chipset drivers right now then. And yes, please change the password and email it to my email.
Well, I have now installed the chipset drivers and rebooted my computer. When my computer booted it didn't say windows found new hardware like you described, so would there be something wrong with it? Oh and the webcam (and anything else usb) still doesn't work. D:
I loaded the chipset drivers and it still doesn't work. If you didnt know, it's not only the webcam thats not working when my network adaptor is plugged, it's everything else thats USB. When my computer booted back up, windows didn't find any new hardware as described.

Awhile back I have googled my problem before, and some articles said that this may happen if I have't used some of my usb ports in a long time. There's a solution to it, but it seems extremely complicated for me and I dont want to risk anything. Thanks again Dave.
not using your usb ports for a long time should not matter what so ever.

with the chipset driver i only warned you about it finding new hardware as i did not want you to panic if windows done something you did not expect but most of the time nothing happens when you re-boot windows,
however it has installed.

i admit i have not come across this problem before you are the first person in all my years of doing pc repair that has popped up with this problem
i can think of a few things to do but all require basic hardware understanding and most i think would be out of your scope of things to do
for one onboard device to shut down while you plug another one in is not a common problem my thinking at the moment would be to update the bios ( risky ) set IRQ list to manual and tell the pc what one to use where and maybe change the psu in case its at the point where one device is shutting off to run another.

I will reset your password and send you a email in a moment, if you do not get the email please check your junk folder.

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