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windows 7 driver for visioneer 4800
Long shot but here goes. Like many others I have a now obselete but functional ( i think) Visioneer 4800 scanner . I've seen all the probs as re. this working with Win Vista. Any chance of finding drivers to enable it to talk to my Win 7 computer? May well be a freecycle home for this scanner ...unless ... Forever the optimist MULL
this really will depend on what version of windows 7 your running if your running 64bit version the scanner just won't work as no 64bit drivers or software are out.

if you have the 32bit version of windows 7 i can't really see any reason why the work round i done for vista should not apply to windows 7 because they are the same o/s at the core level.

give it a shot you have nothing to loose at this stage.
just remember , all firewalls must be shut down, anti-virus should be switched off all the time your trying this install.
windows 7 just like windows vista will still try and block you, allow everything your doing or it will get blocked and then the scanner will not work.

good luck

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