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internet problem
Hi Davey,

I have that (what seems) common problem.
Every time I type a web site address into the browser address bar I get the message 'cannot find the server', and that 'aspi redir' appears in place of the address.
Can you help kind Sir??
if your 100% sure your internet is working i would say you might have picked up a nasty bit of spyware trying to redirect you to a page.

run a scan on that computer

you may have to download that program using another pc then install it on yours.
Thanks Davey,

Have used the 'malwarebytes' site. It found some 'wrong uns' but after deleting them it's still the same.
now you have to think IE problem or worse network card problem.

i was leaving the worse for last.

go in to control panel, internet options, advanced tab.
do a full restore of IE

now i have seen this sort of error happen when people upgrade IE7 to 8 it all goes wrong and won't display sod all.
Davey the problem is not with IE, I can get some web sites with IE, the main problem is with Firefox and Google Chrome.
They tell me that the 'microsoft server cannot be found because the connection is not encrypted'!!
have you tried a ping test? might have a bad connection?
ok so net is working on some site's with IE but not other browser's ?

this is going to sound like a silly question but where in the world are you ?

reason being some country's limit content to the net.

also a idea to run windows update and see if there is a update to the certificate's held on your pc.

another really silly thing that can screw up the certificate's is the time and date on your pc, check that its correct.

you can also try oprea which i have found to be less buggy then firefox and more in content then chrome.

it really sounds like a filter blocking the remote servers for some reason.
i will check this up a little more as well.
Hi Davey,

Have downloaded a brand new copy of Opera and installed, but the problem is still the same.
Message is still ',.
Have rechecked settings and can see nothing wrong.
I am in UK by the way.
going by the re direct in that address something is trying to open outlook express.
i am pretty much sure now its spyware or a virus in your machine.

lets try something with a few more teeth.
use ad-aware and see if it finds anything at all jeff

also do a online virus scan from a top company
been doing some reading at microsoft for you jeff.

to cut a very long boring datasheet down to size.
some outlook express send errors can cause a loop in a browser, do you use outlook express to send emails ?

if IE allows run windows update and see if any update show.
Hi Davey,

Yes I have always used outlook express for my e-mails and have never had any problems with it till now.
ok jeff try this.

first off backup all messages you want to keep as this is going to clear outlook express.

go in to control panel , add remove programs, when in that click remove windows components.
look down the list and remove outlook express.
restart the pc.
now run windows update and a full spyware program.

once thats done , restart the pc, go back in to add remove e.t.c and reload outlook express.
Hi Davey,

Have done all you advised.
Used AdAware and TrendMicro. (AdAware found some nasties and removed them)
Removed Outlook Express and before I reinstalled it I also tried using Microsoft Outlook instead but none of it altered anything.
Still getting the message 'cannot find the server at Microsoft. com'.
It's so bloody annoying!!
Jeff again Davey,

This problem is weird.

I still get the same message 'cannot find the server at', but if I click on any of the links in 'my bookmarks' or 'favourites' they take me straight to the the corresponding web site!

Do you think it could be a problem with the DSL modem??
who is your ISP?
i would not think so as you would not get any sites are all.
just seems to be blocking some,

try changing the dsl modems DNS servers to a public service in case your isp dns is playing about.
list of free to public servers

i have used them from time to time, forget ScrubI in that list as they are crap.
Hi Ste,

My ISP is 'Supanet' and for the past 3 years I have been with them have experienced no problems whatsoever with their service.
Hi Davey,

Have done that.
I have changed the DNS servers to public ones.

Still, when you click on 'best of the web' in Firefox the message is still 'Firefox cannot find the server at'.

Hi Davey,

Another thing!

I can also get the message 'your connection to this web-site is not encrypted'
that's the Microsoft website.
this is getting me a bit stumpped.

try this jeff, go in to control panel, internet options
connections, click lan settings, out a tick in auto detect settings, click apply

what version of ie is that computer running ?
It's already ticked Davey!

It's Explorer version 6.

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