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internet problem
had a feeling you was going to say 6

update to IE7 if you don't like 8
Hi Davey,

Cannot get to the Microsoft website because of this fault! (keeps on telling me that it cannot find the Microsoft server)

Could it be that my browser is sending unencrypted messages? Every time I try to get to the Microsoft web site it tells me that 'the line to this web site is not encrpted'

Yet if I go into 'options' in Firefox and click on 'advanced' the boxes for 'use SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.0 are both ticked?
i think the problem is in IE6.
windows is using it to store out of date info in the net.
microsoft stopped supporting IE6 a while back.
if you can update to 7 in anyway even if you do a full download from another machine and then install it on your machine.
you will find once IE7 is installed and then run windows update you will get 60+ windows updates to both windows, IE and .net systems.

as for firefox i really don't know what way that its laid out or how it should be laid out. i have never used firefox as i always found it bloated to the point of being hope less for my needs.

Hi Davey,

I acted on your previous post and downloaded IE8 (not from Microsoft by the way) and guess what - the problem is just the same!!

So it can't be a browser problem can it??

And I can't run Windows update because I can't raise the microsoft website.
silly question what service pack you running ?
Hi Davey,

On this PC I'm running SP2.
ok lets see if a system update will slove the problem.

download sp3 standalone on another pc and install it on the problem pc.
lol by now i would of just wiped the whole machine! :)
I am getting to that point ste, but i need to run out of options first,
sp3 really should slove them problem if it don't i am out of work-able ideas
Hi Davey,

Have installed SP3 with no effect.

I think the time has come to say enough is enough.

I have taken up too much of your time as it is.

I think I have 2 options with this and that is:

carry on with the pc as it is,
resort to the old cure of wiping the drive and starting from scratch.

But that's my problem.

Thanks very much for all your help and I still think this is one of the very best 'help sites' on the web.

Talk to you again I expect.

my time is nothing jeff so don't worry about how much of it you use mate.

to ne honest sp3 should have cleared that fault so a reboot would be my next step.

a little tip for you.
install sp3 before you allow IE8 to install, reason being if you do it the other way round IE8 then becomes inbedded and can not be removed if anything goes wrong with it.

I found a copy of IE7 and I uninstalled sp3 and reinstalled it but no change at all!!
i think we might be flogging a dead horse here.
I will search your problem some more at mircosoft and see if i can find out what is causing this to happen.
microsoft are only coming up with the ideas that i have already tryed.

i think your left with two choices now jeff.

try and cope with the way things are or reinstall windows.

Just a last thought.

When I try to raise the Microsoft website one of the messages I get is 'the connection to this website is not encrypted', and when I send e-mails to people I get 'cannot find a digital ID for this person but your e-mail will still be sent' yet when I check my internet security the boxes for SL3 and others are checked?
Do you think this is part of the problem?
the problem jeff is most those IE security setting are out of date.
the updates are sitting on windows update just waiting to be loaded .
but IE will not access it.

this may sound silly but what you can try is leaving windows AUTO update on ( control panel ) and just leave the pc running for a few days. just shut it down and restart it every 6 hours to apply any updates it finds.
you will soon know if any updates are found as a yellow triangle pops up in the bottom right hand taskbar telling you updates are ready.

Hi Davey,

I think we have cracked it!!

I found Firefox has a 'safe mode', used that and got to the Microsoft website and downloaded all the recent updates.
It seems to have cured the problem as I can access all the sites I couldn't get before. (including Microsoft).
That's great! Thanks mate!

The only problem I have now is that it's still telling me that 'I have no digital ID' so e-mails go unencrypted. How do I get my digital ID back?
Jeff, depending on what version of Firefox you have, it may be worth searching for an add-on that allows Firefox to emulate IE. This may assist in rectifying some of the issues you are having.
jeff have a read of this.
tells you what to look for in outlook express.

One way or another, this is now sorted.

All working fine again!

Many thanks.

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