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Epson Stylus SX115 all-in-one printer
Hi Davey,

Have got a strange one with this!

Have just replaced the black ink cartridge which I bought directly from Epson but the software keeps telling me that 'this cartridge is incompatible with this machine', but it is definitely the right one. T0711

Have reinstalled it several times. Cleaned the cartridge contacts inside the carrier and have been on to the Epson site and chatted to one of their so called experts. Not very helpful, all he told me was to do exactly what I had already done and then offered me an upgrade replacement printer for £60.00.

Any ideas??
send it back to them jeff.
send it along with a copy of the invoice to prove you bought it from them.
sounds like the little chip that reads the ink level in the cartridge is duff.

Thanks Davey---will do!

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