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Lebeca Webcam Driver
Okay, so then, I have this old Lebeca Webcam, and I just found it in my storage, but I lost the installation things, and I need a driver for it, can you help me get one?
lebeca old website use to be global.panwest.co.kr
but that now fails to work.

can you call up the cams id string i will see if i can pin down its chipset.
Okay is it this?: USB\VID_0AC8&PID_301B&REV_0100
Or is it this?: USB\VID_0AC8&PID_301B
thats a older 350k cam and i think its this driver

word of warning i doubt this cam will work with windows vista or windows 7
Okay so then,when i use it, there's no video, any help?
don't use the pre view program such as amcap, that program does not work well with vista/windows 7

if you have got the driver to install and the pc now see's the cam open any IM program such as messenger then use the webcam wizard under tools of that program, it will auto set the cams picture.

if you do that and still get no picture remove the driver from control panel programs, restart the pc, then shut down your firewall and anti-virus software in case they are blocking the install.

then try again.
Okay, so on msn it won't show anything, and then now i'm trying to remove the driver, but I can't find it in control panel
under windows 7 it will be in control panel , programs, remove program
Well it won't work, so then i'll just get a new one, but thanks anyways
to be 100% honest i think that cam is a bit too old for windows 7.

if you go for a new one make sure that it does say windows 7 on its box, alot of ebay cams say they do work with windows 7 then fail to work when plugged in.
Sorry for bringing up a dead thread, but can you find the driver for this?


Thank you...

I had to sign up just for this...
Hi I really need help have looked all over the net and I still can not find a driver for my pc line pcl 300k web cam please can any one help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you

that driver is in my download section here.
Hi cant found drives for it can any one help? thanks

pcline pcl 350k USB\VID_17A1&PID_0128\5&C2440BA&0&2
pcline was sold by pcworld in the uk.
pcworld have yet again changed the support people so
the website that did hold the drivers went down sometime ago.

I did before they went down grab hold of all the last pcline drivers they had
and they can now be found here on my site.
thanks mate i try these Pcline PCL-300K Download but not works on pcline pcl 350k don't know what here difference
I will see what else I can find with that device idstring.
I think I have done that one before so will have to sit and double check my own work.

I know that's a older cam so can you let me know what version of windows your running.
xp pro mate on old stone pc
had a feeling I have seen that idstring before, its eton chip also know as cam 1690
I do have those drivers as well and they are listed here but please uninstall the pcline drivers before you try these.

and a few tips, shut down your firewall and antivirus while you do the install or they can and do block the usb port.
and also make sure your using the most powerful of your usb ports these are the ones just under the keyboard and mouse ports on a older pc.


on a side note, nothing wrong with xp I still use it for 90% of my day to day things.
I do have windows 7 and windows 8 both of which throw a fit over the old software I must run.
just make sure you are using a good anti-virus and now as Microsoft pulled the plug I would say a third party firewall as well.
zonealarm free anti-virus and firewall do the job just fine on xp and it will help keep you safe.
Thanks!!!! perfect mate camera now works :)
CAM 1690 Download these drivers works on pcline pcl 350k


I always trust xp for my own small garage, and old upgraded pc nothing will be better

simple found in trash box this camera and wanted connect for Skype.

Fat thanks again !!!

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