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Error Code
When I tried to install a driver I found, I keep getting Error CallClassInstaller(REMOVE) What does that mean, and how do I fix it?
i will try and put this in simple words for you.
what that error means is the driver INF file has matched more then one of your devices and windows can not apply that INF to just one device and returns a error code.

what driver did you try and install ?
and what windows are you running ?
I found this lebeca web cam driver online, and I have Windows 7
that cam may well be too old to work with windows 7.
windows 7 really is proving death to the older cams
j'instale le driver d'une camera ZC0301PL mais j'ai l'information suivante (callclassinstaller remove) et la cam ne marche pas j'ai windows 8 et merci de vos reponses
que la caméra n'est pas supporté sous Windows 8.
vimicro qui font ce chipset arrêté soutien à Windows Vista.
le dernier pilote connu pour qu'il puisse être trouvée ici à vimicro


that camera is not supported under windows 8.
vimicro who make that chipset stopped support at windows vista.
the last known driver for it can be found here at vimicro

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