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LKM-F934-1 LS-120
I am trying to access a Matsushita LKM-F934-1 Ls-120 Super Disk with Vista. It keeps telling me my disks are not formated and when I try to format them it says not a valid selection. Any ideas?
vista is seeing that drive as a standard floppy and does not understand its a dual drive.
i will see if i can find anything out at Panasonic who make that drive to see if it fully works under vista's mass store device drivers or not.
well thats not good reading panasonic did not even make a windows 2k driver for that drive as they expected it to be supported
by microsoft's mass storage device, i am sorry to say it never was covered

seems this drive only works in older versions of windows.

Thank you very much… guess I’ll go get an old computer to get the info off the disks.

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