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Satellite L350 - How to make Webcam work under XP
I am using windows XP on a Satellite L350 PSLD4E but can not make the webcam work.

Whatever I do I get to "Creation of the video preview failed. Please check the device connection and make sure that the device is not being used by another application or user."

I have tried the Toshiba drivers for windows 7
I have tried the Chicony drivers, both older and newer
I have tried the drivers for the L300
I have tried using F9 on the BIOS (that stopped windows from loading ..........)

I have also tried a number of the Camera Assistant Software programs from Toshiba, all come back with "Webcam driver open fail. Please restart Camera or Computer" --- I am using the MS drivers for the camera v5.1.2600.5512 that is apparently the latest.

I've now run out of ideas.

Any suggestions?
remove the amcap pre view program.

click start, run in the box type


click startup, remove the old windows messenger service from the start up.

also if you have installed the webcam with a firewall running please remove the webcam driver, restart windows.
shut down your firewall , anti-virus software and then re-install the driver just in case its been blocked.
I can not find anything on the computer that looks like amcap pre view program.

I do not use windows messenger services at all - and there is nothing similar on msconfig.

I've tried installing with firewall and anti-virus software off, but it makes no difference.

I'm still stuck ...............

Thanks for the suggestions.
windows messenger under msconfig is listed as msmsgs. thats the standard old windows messenger and really everybody now needs to stop that starting up with windows as its a dead program.

what program are you trying to access the cam with ? it should have come with its own pre view program.
I never use messenger, I always install it after any windows install!

I'm trying to use Skype
i know what your saying about messenger but its built in to windows xp as standard it needs to be shut down or removed.

if you go to control panel, add remove programs, add remove windows components, look down the list you will see messenger listed.

if possible fully remove the driver, if you can't do that go in to device manager, right click on the cam and tell it to uninstall.
restart windows once done.

now fully unpack the driver in to a folder on your desktop.
go back in to device manager, right click on the cam again which should be showing as a problem, this time select update driver.
don't let windows auto search, you choose what driver to install.
browse to your unpacked driver files and install it that way.

once done use the webcam wizard under tools in skype it should auto tune the cam to windows and skype.

one other thing i need to check up that cam for you as well, i know what tosh are saying on their site however sometimes they fit a different cam and not list it.
can you let me know that cams device id string is , i will see if i can find out for sure what cam it is.


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