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toshiba ax/740lsk dynabook
hi davey! the said laptop had a prob. once you plug in the power chord, no power but you will hear a sound like a analog clock..tik tik tik. my i know the possible prob of this laptop? thanks in advance!
does it do the same with the laptop powered on with its battery ?

it sounds like the power control board is a little buggered.
now being a laptop this is not a job for the home pc repair guys it has to go in to a shop
if the power board has gone it may mean a new motherboard.

a few test you can do yourself.

test the output voltage of the main psu to laptop, should be a round the 19V range and stable.
remove the battery from the laptop and see if it will power up with just the psu just in case the battery is dead and overloading
the control board.
i've done testing it. with or without power but with a tik tik sounds.
i already advised the owner regarding possible motherboard failure. and gave her some alternatives. if she want to repair it..she must send it to the manufacturer for repair but i warned her that it will costs her much and it is better to buy a new one instead of repairing it since the prob is motherboard. but i also suggest her to send it to philippines were there's a lot of 2nd hand parts available to choose from which is cheaper. thanks a lot davey!
agreed the motherboard will cost way to much, your only hope would be a second hand motherboard

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