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Unbranded Ebay Webcam (I have Pid and chip name, no drivers anywhere!)
I bought this cheap cam on ebay for my gf for her older laptop and I seem to be the most unlucky bastard on earth, at least everyone has been able to get some help with their unbranded cam device, I cannot find squat on this. Yes, it installs and works fine under XP and 7 as a 'USB video device' in XP and 'USB 2.0 Camera' in 7. Nonetheless I'm trying to run it on windows 2000 or 98... Of course it didn't include a drivers disc. I have downloaded and tried literally 15 different drivers that I scoured over the internet - none work - some gave blue screens after forcing installs manually... then I finally opened the cam and looked at the chip, it says: SGS320FL (and under that some identifying serials/junk not needing mention). I don't want to give up yet, but I really didn't want to install XP on this old laptop or even Tiny XP. Any help to get this POS to work? MUCH APPRECIATED!!! I thought I would be able to find the right drivers after seeing so much about these on the forums (and the cam looks identical to many others on the net, 6 LED w/ clip, black, square form), however now I understand this is a different chipset inside that no one seems to know much about. After all I've been through, this forum is the last resort before I lay it down and drop a rightful negative on the seller of this for wasting my time. @&#$!


Hardware Id's:

Ebay link where purchased:

it did not come with a driver disk because the jap sites say its driverless, in other words the driver comes from microsoft windows update.
from what i can translate your not alone on trying to get this cam running under windows 2k.
i noticed a few modded Vid_1c4f&Pid_3000 drivers trying to be used on the jap sites all have failed to run this cam under 2k.

under what little info there is i can tell you its a SiGma Micro chip of corse they don't offer downloads as they are OEM only, the main company that made that cam is coming back as unknown so its a tin pot factory somewhere in china throwing them out for a few pence each.

from what i can see on the specs laid out on the ebay page you posted this cam does not come with a disk it just states Package include:
1 x New 10.0m Pixel USB 6 LED PC Camera Mic Webcam Laptop

does not mention a driver disk or windows 98 as far as i can see.
but with that said the way those specs are laid out its a direct copy and paste from a website.
contact the seller ( be poilte ) and ask if they have a driver disk or a website you can download a driver from.
if all else fails contact ebay direct and get them to contact the seller to ask the same thing.

Thanks, Davey, you seem to provide unbelievable amount of support here for many people and THANKS a lot for that.

You are right and pretty much confirmed the predicament. I'll ask them for the drivers, even though I'm very sure they won't have them, but I'll do anyway. Either way, I'm already installing Tiny XP (as bloated as even that is) just to have this thing running right at the cost of a much slower laptop. I've decided not to get upset over this thing anymore, lest I end up belligerent and/or start drinking because of this and buy an expensive ticket to china to deal with this more personally over a $7 dollar webcam.... Hopefully this post will help inform others through google and such and avoid them many hours of the same hassle.

Btw... this lappy is really ancient from 2000, but hey, plays dvd's/divx smooth and my gf liked it so I gave it to her. It's a Gateway Solo 2150 w/ Celeron 450Mhz/288 RAM/ATI graphics/Wi-Fi/DVD/floppy drive... heh... and I have both the wall and car adapter for it. There's something cool about this oldie still kicking it and being useful. It particularly flies in windows 98 se... boots in 20 seconds! Honestly, I haven't even seen the webcam in action on this thing (soon will in tiny xp), but we'll see if my troubles were even worth it as far as performance goes... Maybe I'll update the final verdict later.

Take care and thanks...
that laptop meets the min spec of xp.
the slow-ness i would think is down to the ram.
if the onboard ATI card and the system share the memory amount then your a little below what xp really needs.

if you can and the bios allows upgrade it to 512 memory.
the speed increase will be noticeable even on boot up times.

might be worth thinking about if you really need to run xp on that laptop.

yeah i agree the older laptops seem better built to me, i have one older then that lol , its a p2 333 192 memory and the thing still loads windows and runs without a problem, downside is its a brick and weighs a ton.
a similar case happened to me , i purchased a china made cam , it was really cheap , driver CD was along with the cam . i reinstalled the window and came to know after installing that i have lost the driver CD , searched and searched and searched but could not find the driver on net , the brand name was CANONO :(
i have always found with these cams the best way to find a driver is by looking at its chipset or using the device id string.

as you can see by the forum and the volume of post you not alone in having trouble.
to make matters worse windows vista and windows 7 refuse point blank to use a older but fully working cam.
hi, i have a problem with the similar webcam, it has the same chip (sgs320fl) and the same hardware id as the cam from the first post, i would say that it's basically the same webcam, the only difference is the case (i bought this one http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=270666946711&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT). the problem i am having is when i connect the cam to the pc (win xp sp3) the cam does work, but the LED doesn't. so i don't know is it because it needs some other drivers than the generic ones from win xp for the LED's to work or is it a hardware problem, thanks.
the cam is classed as driverless so the defualt windows xp drivers are all you need.

now with some of these cams the leds will only come on in a dark room or some have a tiny switch on the cam body.

it is also possible that the cam sent to you has a missing photo cell, i have seen cases where they are not fitted at the factory.

no tiny switch, and no photo cell, i opened it and checked the board, i tried it in the dark, and got a really faint glow from the LED's (you cant see it if you have any light in the room i had to turn off the monitor to see it) so I'm thinking it's poorly built, too little voltage is coming to the LED's (too big of a resistor in front of the LED's or something like that).
going by what you are saying i think they might be infered LEDS.
if thats the case you won't be able to see if they are on or not the only way to test it is to din the lights in your room and see if you still get a clear picture,
nope, normal white LED's. thanks for the help anyway
You can try this site http://www.wellec.com/service.asp?Stype=download

the Camera_AK_V1.0 driver was the right one for my Vid_1c4f&Pid_3000 web camera .
All the other sg310 i tried failed.

Give it a try.
thanks for that link its got a few ID strings i have been looking for.

i have downloaded all the drivers off that wellec site and i will upload them tomorrow along with their device id strings.

I now have all the wellec cam drivers for download
please try matching your device id string here.

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