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Motherboard drivers for Dell SC1420

I found this form due to the "need dell drivers" thread that mentions getting drivers (in passing) for the SC1420. I downloaded and ran Everest, it said something about "northbridge" chipset (I think - this is at home and now I'm at work).

Anyway, I could not find the Windows XP drivers for that chipset. I didn't really know where to look other than google.

My current problem is that the on board ethernet card doesn't work. XP can't find the drivers for it.

I'm sure the video is too slow too.

Any tips?


that dell server is using the intel E7520 chipset.
this is the main set of motherboard drivers that you need.

Thanks - that was quick!

I'll try that when I get home.

trying to track down this systems network card is not as easy as the main chipset.

two possible onboard cards are listed.
you may have to try both sets of drivers listed here.

you gfx card is the ATI rage XL pci card, this should have auto loaded a driver when xp was installed as i know xp has built in support for that.

its normal for the screen to be slow and a but jumpy on a high res as its only a 8 meg card.

if you need any more help with this please post back and i will see what i can do.
OK - I will try those out. Heading home in a moment.

One thing that has puzzled me is, I got a GeForce 8600 GTS for a PCI-e slot but it only fits my more modern PC. Not the SC1420 even though it supposedly has a PCI-e slot.

I've read that a ATI Radeon 7000 would fit but I'm a bit confused about PCI-e

Thanks again.
Just got an error trying one of those drivers -

"The file e1000325.sys on Intel® PRO/1000 Driver disk is needed"

Did a search and found these instructions which I'll try when I get time -


Just making a note to myself!
tell you what i should be able to narrow that down all the more for you.
go in to device manager and call up the device id string on the ethernet card.


i should be able to tell from that if its a intel or a broadcom and if its got enough details i might be able to narrow it right down to its chipset
It comes back with

thats the Intel PRO/1000 MT device id string.

this set of drivers direct from intel will support that.

That's got it! Thanks.
thanks for the donation it will go to towards the hosting cost.

just re reading your post and i seem to have skipped one sorry.

that dell being a server does not have a full size pci-e slot, it was never built to play games e.t.c
it has the standard pci plus the smaller pci-e x8 slot.

this limits what cards that can be fitted, pci-ex8 cards are hard to get and for what they are well over priced but standard pci cards can be picked up for a reasonable price on ebay.
if you spot something just post the link to ebay of what your looking at and i will tell you if it fits that machine or not.
if your not worried about games this is the sort of thing you can pick up that will slot straight in to that machine.

With the slot - my friend who works in a computer shop helped me with that (with the aid of Google). Apparently you can knock out a tab that Dell put in to stop you putting a PCI-e x16 card in there though we've read that an x16 card will work. (I think it's like putting a USB 2.0 device into a USB 1.1 slot). That's discussed here - http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?showtopic=19609

I can't lose that much - the PCI-e slot isn't much use to me and I have a x16 card in my other PC that I can test it out with. As long as I don't damage the motherboard!

Or there's an adaptor - http://linitx.com/viewproduct.php?prodid=11465
yeah i have come across those adaptors before, none work just the way they should peter.

dell put that tab on to stop you plugging in a X16 card for one simple reason.
the slot its self is wired and will only support a x 8 card.
even if you knock that tab off and plug the x16 card in the pc may not boot.

one thing to think about before you do any of that.
what size psu is in that dell, reason being most nvidia GFX cards draw 90 to 170 watts of power depending on the gpu model, you must make sure you do not overload the psu in that dell.
I'll check the PSU. I suspect it's OK as it's in a huge case. It had 3 HD's, a SCSI tape drive and some sort of SCSI card in there when I got it. Now only 2 HD's and the tape drive is disconnected and that card removed. Also no 2nd CPU is fitted so should be spare power.

I checked - it's 460W - http://www.dell.com/downloads/global/pro..._specs.pdf

Card I have draws 72W (it's an old one)

yeah thats more then enough.

shame you did not have the second cpu in that machine.
you would get a really fast 64 bit system layout with the two cpu support of that motherboard.

Well I did buy a matched pair of Xeon's but then found I needed some sort of voltage regulator and also a heatsink. My friend saw one on ebay for £50 with heatsink and fan but the thing only cost me £40 in the first place so I'm too tight to buy it! Also - this seems like a never ending task.

Sorry - another question. The front USB's do not work. It only has 2 at the back so it's pretty limiting. Was something supposed to happen when I put the chipset installer on. It said it installed but I didn't get any "found new hardware" type messages or anything.
if the rear usb ports are running then the front ones should also run.
that being a dell it should have a ribbion connection to the front ports.
they tend to snap over the years, or burn out if too much is plugged in to them.
if windows its self did not under stand the hub they were sitting on you would have a yellow or red ! in device manager

now you have the net running on that machine you can use the intel auto update program just to make sure you have the most up to date drivers.
if you click here then on the bottom of the page click Automatically identify and find drivers http://downloadcenter.intel.com/default.aspx?lang=eng

I am pretty sure you do have the most up to date ones but that will put your mind at rest over any possible missing chipset drivers.

yes i know what you mean, i am always throwing money at my computers i use to live in the uk well i was born there.
the only thing left of me now in the uk is a server i built last year that sits in my friends house, it cost me alot of money to build it as its a i7 cpu and more hard drives then you have ever seen in your life.
its my main net server from here to the uk.
i still have three other servers in this room doing this and that, plus two other machines, my main one which i use day to day plus my other halfs one, and then the laptops.
just trying to keep up to date will cost you alot of money but as i say to everyone on this site.
if the machine you using is doing the job that you want there really is not need to update it.
its only when your pc will no longer do what you ask of it then its time to replace or upgrade it.

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