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Windows 7 SP1 RC
Well it had to happen. Microsoft have released an RC version of SP1 for this O/S. You shall need really good bandwidth to be able to get it or start the download when you go to be and hope it has finished by the morning. The SP for the x64 Win7 version is 2.91GB, no, that is not a typo. It is 2.91GB. I am hoping MS will do their usual trick and reduce the RTM SP somewhat but even if they trim it by 10%, the sucker is still a MONSTER!! Just checked and I have an ISO for Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and it is exactly 3GB. Looks like this is not really a Service Pack but a full Upgrade Installation. I am now in off peak time so I will go and get the sucker. Should take me about 45 minutes. S U F F E R ! ! ! :)

SP1 (RC) is also available for Server 2008 R2 and for some reason it is a couple of hundred MB smaller than the Win7 version.
what the hell is in that service pack ????

i wonder if they have now inc IE9 in that, to be honest i think IE9 is nasty.
it looks just like opera in many many ways, shame it don't run like opera as i found it very buggy and crashed more then once on me.
well sp1 is now installed on my windows 7 64bit
glad to say IE9 is not part of that.
downside is my computer is now slower
and its still eating 40% of 4 gig memory.

40% is alot of memory just to run bloody windows.


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