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Dell Studio
My Dell Studio is approximately 8 months old. And I'm noticing that it gets VERY HOT underneath. I mean like you don't want this thing sitting on your legs or you'll soon be sweating up a storm!

I sure don't recall it being this way before. Is there a way to check and see if the fans are operating properly? I don't hear or feel anything happening underneath.

And of course the warranty will be expiring in a few months...
dells suffer from the normal laptop problems of dust and heat build up in the air intakes.

as thats under warranty contact dell and tell them its getting very hot in normal use.
they should service it for free for you.

my dell gets like that as well and its normal really, the only difference is i strip my dell once every three months and clean it all out,
as laptops get more powerful with bigger gfx cards this problem is just going to get worse.

one thing to note and so many people do this with out even knowing they are doing it.
if you sit with this laptop or any laptop sitting across you knees you may block the main fan intake and not know you have done it, track suit bottoms make this worse as it then sucks the fluff and things in to the fans.
next thing you know your laptop is shutting down and throwing up tons of errors.

as a rule try and use a laptop cooler pad under it or even a book ,this will save you from blocked fans and warming parts of your body that really should not be that warm :))
Thanks Davey! I will contact them ASAP. My wife has a Dell Inspiron 1750 laptop and we sit in our recliners in the evenings surfing and hanging out. I bought these laptops just a few months apart so we could chat while I was overseas.

Her does not heat up at all!
when your overseas is it very dusty ?

reason i ask is where i live it is very very dusty and that fine dust gets in to everything.
a few weeks of that and it starts to stick to the heatsink's

my poor laptop gets dragged about everywhere with me, even when i am in hospital i have my laptop.
its part of me now i think.
Afghanistan was dusty but my laptop was kept in a pretty good environment. Contacted Dell today via chat and they took control of my laptop and updated the BIOS.

They are going to monitor it for 24 hours and call me back tomorrow. They said if anything needed replacing they would send a tech.
thats why i like dell

they are the best when it comes to supporting their products.
no other company would do that for you, most will fob you off till that warranty ran out
and then tell you to send the machine back to them.
dell will come to you if need be.
if they don't contact you and you think its still getting too hot install everest on both your machine
and your wifes machine.
note the cpu temps on both for a week so you have a record.
then contact them again and tell them the record out come.

right i had better get on with the sp1 install of windows 7, god help me if it screws up.
been a good boy for so long with my temper, but if this goes wrong everybody and everything had better stand clear
Wow! Dell had someone at my house within 2 days of my initial contact. Updating the BIOS didn't solve the heating issue so they replaced the entire motherboard and cleaned it all out.

The technician said it wasn't as dusty as he expected it to be. Also one of the lights on my upper panel that has the volume / DVD controls on it was out so he ordered a new light panel and will return tomorrow to replace that.

Heating issue seems fixed (so far!)...

But I went ahead and extended the warranties on both my laptops just to be on the safe side. Both were set to expire around Feb 2011...
yeah dell are pretty good mate, thats why most places use then in their offices.
their support knocks the spots off HP who still want people to send stuff back to them at their own cost.

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