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CD write and Mt Rainier/easywrite
I upgraded my Thinkpad 600E optical drive to a CDwriter/DVD reader. I got a message suggesting I use the Mt Rainier format, and I set it appropriately. I've got many disks in this form. I got a new F/S Amilo Pi2515 a couple of years ago, but it won't read the disks. Nero tools shows that the drive doesn't support Mt Rainier, and Fujitsu said hard luck, they don't guarantee to support odd-ball formats! I've looked to replace the optical drive, but it is difficult trying to locate one to fit, as this is rarely mentioned on the specs. I would have thought the Mt Rainier site would have an appropriate listing. Microsoft had said that Vista would support this format, so it was hardly odd-ball.
i can see where the problem is and that is the drive its self in the fujitsu, i am sorry to say that not too many drives these days support the mt rainier format as it was over taken really by standard cdrw with compression.

you only real hope would be to replace the drive in the amilo because if you have the full mt rainier disk they use a layer in the middle of the disk to store info and normal cdrw /dvd roms can not read that layer at all, in fact they don't even know its there.
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