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Lebeca Webcam
I found a lebeca webcam yesterday, and the id string is this:
I found the driver for it after searching hours, but after I installed it, it still doesn't recognize it. I'm using Windows 7, and I know that isn't really compatible, so I used the Compatibility mode for the Amcap, but it still refuses to work. Can you guys help?
from what i have been able to find out that device id string is based on the SN9C101 + HV7131 R chip sets.

its used in trust and some iball webcams but i can't seem to track down the correct model number.
if there is any unders or anything on your cam could you please let me know.

from other reading windows 7 should have built in support for that cam.
if you have not done so already please try this.
remove the cam from your pc, shut down any firewall and antivirus software.
go online, now plug the cam in to any usb port you have not used.
let the new hardware wizard start.
when asked let windows search online.
[Image: 3359m5x.jpg]
I uninstalled the previous driver and did this but this is all I got... Did I do anything wrong?
I disabled the anti-virus, the anti-spyware, and the smart firewall of Norton Internet Security, yet it still can't find the driver...

Should I install the driver again?

And the model number is E-CO32-02-2577 [B]
yes please try it again.

norton firewall does not fully shut down when told.
its still has a fail safe to stop someone trying to access your pc, its is useful sometimes but when your trying to install a plug and play driver its a pain in the back side.
I completely shut down Norton Internet Security 2010 and tried, but it says the SAME THING! Should I just give up now?
not yet i am still trying to find out what trust webcam is using that chipset.
you may have to bare with me for a few days as my net access is all over the place due the amount of storms we are getting.
but i will keep trying for you.
Have you found it yet?
lebeca have gone broke.

its taken me a while but i have most of the drivers that they done.

not sure if any of these will support windows 7 as they went broke long before even windows vista came out.

now its taken me a long long time to pinpoint that device id string but i can tell you its the lebeca pro 6000

all the drivers i have found for labeca can be found on the bottom of this post.

Attached Files
.zip   labemessage.zip (Size: 1.76 MB / Downloads: 129)
.zip   labepro2.zip (Size: 1.76 MB / Downloads: 199)
.zip   labepro.zip (Size: 1.72 MB / Downloads: 200)
.zip   labestandard.zip (Size: 1.72 MB / Downloads: 150)
So do I install all of the drivers?
no just the pro drivers.

i just uploaded everything i could find on labeca cams in case someone else is looking for those drivers.
hix, I am using Win 7 Pro 64bit, i tried to install your driver but it still not work.
Is there any trick to do this?
well i would not think these Lebeca cams won't work with windows 7 64bit

the reason being Lebeca went broke many years ago and they only just started to support windows xp when that happend.

you can try loading the driver with the compatibility wizard and tell windows , xp 32bit and see what happnes but to be honest i think
you may well need a new cam

how to find and use that wizard can be found here
ty ty tyRock

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