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Network adapter driver
Hi There
We have installed a new hard drive on our computer and now lost touch with the network adapter, so cant get on the net, its as if its not there, its not identified in the hardware list. Im asuming this is because the driver is not in there, so need to get it in there. Can any one help, we have Windows XP home edition. Many thanks all
You will need to open the computer case (disconnect the power cable FIRST), make sure you are grounded to the case and then remove the network adapter (NIC). Look at the chip and post back here with all the names and numbers on it. The NIC can then be carefully reseated back into the computer and the case closed.
you can also try calling up the device id string of your network adapter
how to do that can be found here.

if its a shop bought computer or laptop can you let us know its make and model.

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