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jetway 946gzm3 lga 775
hi i would like to ask for help with regards this mother board. its kinda wierd that ived downloaded from their site the driver for the on board sound but still there's no sound coming out. the driver from their site was detected and registered in the device manager but when i checked it in dx diag there's no device signed in... thanks in advance and more power for this site.. havent been here for a while and im glad this is still up... :D

btw i also tried downloading from the realtek site but even though i have updated still no sound...

im using windows xp sp2
that jetway board is using the realtek HD audio chipset ALC662

if you runnng windows xp on this board please make sure that you have updated to a min of SP 2 and then installed the mircosoft UAA driver or windows xp will not understand or use the HD audio.

for a fail safe if you download this driver from gigabyte it has the UAA and the realtek HD driver in one big package.

if your not running xp please let me know.
im currently using xp sp2 but the above driver stil doesnt work.. the driver is as usual detected in the device manager but when i tried playing mp3s and videos theres no sound but my earphones and speakrs are ok with other player... i used both front panel and back panel in the sound slots but still it doesnt work... the drivers said it was updated...
what does device manager list under sound ?

the realtek is using auto jack sensors, when you plug say your headphones in the software should auto detect that and pre set the sound.

when you plug your headphones in the back make sure you are using the green socket on the sound card.

once they are plugged in go in to control panel, sounds and audio devices, click the sounds tab.
see if you can play any windows sounds or not.


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