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HP a1130n SATA HD replacement
My 250gig HD has died with a 'no boot disk' error. I got a new WD 250gig drive however my Recovery DVD (that I burned when the PC was new) says there is no HD too recover to. The WD software will run from my CD drive but does not see the New SATA drive.

I have been reading here and:
I do have a USB floppy.
I do have Restore Dvds
My chip set is ATI Radeon XPress 200???

Now sure about my Bios options....

How do I get this new SATA drive partitioned and formatted so my recovery DVD will work.

Thank you,

HP a1130n stock except a new ATI HD3650
Running XP Media Center
MB - MSI RS480 M2-IL (MS-7093)
ok before you go mad there is one thing that you must check first.

go in to yoru bios screen and make sure the new sata drive is listed in the standard cmos, if its not please load the full bios defaults to reset it back to full auto.
again go in to your bios and check to see if the drive is listed.
if its now listed use the WD disk and partiton and format the drive.

if however its still missing check all cables to the drive.
check that you can hear it spin up as you switch the pc on.

i know thats a new drive but its not uncommon for a brand new drive to be DOA.
if possible please check that drive on another pc just to make sure its working and its not your sata ports at fault.

Thank you. I thought I saw the new WD drive listed after a memory check one of the many times booting but I have tried so many things I will reset the bios to see if it is there.
the bios needs to see the hard drive or all software will not see or access it.

Looks like my bios does not see either drive but it does spin up and I here some minor clicking while posting. (sorry abut the poor phone picts.)

[Image: 1220102000.jpg]

[Image: 1220101959.jpg]

Not sure what to do now...someone said HP tattoos their drives?? and I must use HP drive manger to format it??


you should be able to use any drive you like in that desktop.
its laptops HP can be very fussy on.

your correct its not showing in that list so try this.

i can see sata second is working
remove your top cdrom and put the hard drive in its place on that channel.
go back in to your bios. scroll down to where you just put the new drive.
where it says none , hit enter and change that to auto.

save those settings and restart the pc.
again go back in to your bios and see if the drive is now listed.

if possible try and get the drive tested in another machine or if you shop bought this drive take it back and demard they test it for you.
if its at fault get them to replace it free.
WD have a three year warrenty
Thanks for the reply. Both CD and DVD are IDE with a wide flat ribbon cable and I have an 2nd unused IDE connector on the MB.

I thought about just getting a IDE drive or a PCI SATA card and trying that.

As for the new WD, it has been in my closet for 1yr...I had trouble with this same PC a year ago and got the new WD drive but found a loose cable on the installed drive so I never put the new WD in.



Here is the Link I started with BUT it assumes you can get the HD to show up in the bios.

I will try to get a picture of the WD diagnostic software screen that scrolls by (very fast) as it says something about 'invalid' data from the SATA check. Maybe I lost the port controller???

Here is what I saw about the HD maybe being Tattooed

Sorry if this is information overload but I see many posts that say 'I need more information'.

that board supports hot swapping, thats even listed on hp site for that motherboard.
that means it should support any hard drive you plug in to it.

its just a oem version of a msi motherboard so i doubt very much if HP have limited the HD use on it.

if possible test the drive on another pc just to settle your own mind if its dead put the sn in to WD site and check to see if that drive is still under warranty

if its still covered you might be able to get a RMA number and send it back to them for replacment.

Just to finish this up (I hate posts where there is no follow up) I got a SATA to USB enclosure and there is NO problem with the original or replacement SATA drives. I formatted the new drive and put it back in the a1130n and it still can't see it. I must assume the onboard SATA controller has failed. I may try a PCI SATA board but booting from them seams to be 'hit and miss'. I will most likely set it aside for parts. Thank you Davey6 for your help.
the pci to sata boards are better now then they use to be.

just disable the onboard sata in the bios and it should then use the bios of the pci board and give you the drive config,
onboard controllers can go back from time to time.
i have seen dead IDE and sata and even the old dead pci slot as well.

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