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HL340 good driver, but XP doesn't let me pick it!
I've gone through every HL340 tread on this board.... but I have a problem that isn't addressed (I think).

When I plug the cable in, XP installs it as an HID (already beat to death in the other threads). The driver I have is CH340SER. When I click the HID and click update driver, go through the windows, select HAVE DISK and pick CH341SER.INF, click open, click ok, I either get "The specified location does not contain information about your hardware" or if I just try to add a port from scratch, there will be nothing in the "model" box in the update wizard. Has anyone found a way around this? This cable WAS working fine before I had to format my harddrive.

if you have installed sp3 for windows xp that may be a problem as windows now thinks it knows better then you do what cable you have.

if thats the case go in to control panel, use add hardware icon and force xp to install the working driver.
xp is till going to moan at you while you do this but click continue when it does to force the install.

another problem with these cables is firewalls, yes sounds silly but the usb is a port being protected by your firewall
so when installing drivers a firewall and anti-virus should really be shut down or they can and do block the ports you want to use.

When I try to force XP to install it, I get to the point where you click "have disk", select the inf file, and then highlight the device and go on. After I select the .inf file and it goes back to the window where you normally pick your device, but that window is blank -- nothing to select. This is where I get the "The specified location does not contain information about your hardware" error when I try to update driver from the hardware profile window.

I'll try reinstalling the driver with my antivirus and firewall turned off. Please let me know if you have any other ideas.
let me know the cables device id string i will see if i can pinpoint the cross over chipset being used.

The two devices that pop-up are the HID-Compliant consumer control device

USB Human Interface Device
Turning the firewall and antivirus off didn't work. Still installs as a HID.
once its installed is anything showing up under your usb ports in device manager ?

you may have to click the little + next to them in device manager to see the full list of your ports.

for some reason the manual i had for these cables refused to download so i re-uploaded it to the site and can be found on the bottom of this set of downloads.

that device id string is not calling up what i expected it to, in fact nothing come back at all in my searches.
Under ports:
Communications Port (COM1)
Communications Port (COM2)
Printer Port (LPT1)

What pops up after I plug the cable in:
Human Interface Devices
-HID-compliant consumer control device
-USB Human Interface Device

I'm lost!
it looks like its not loading the full HL340 driver what its doing is loading a standard microsoft driver thats used for such things as keyboard mice e.t.c

are you trying to use this cable on a hub or front usb port ?
it should really be in the back of your pc on a main port.

you can try update driver or the force install again but when you click have disk browse to

thats is where the driver install's to and contains all the driver files needed.

The driver is indeed plugged into the rear of the computer.

I pointed the hardward installer (have disk...) to the WCH.CN\CH341SER directory and when it came back to the screen where you select a model, there is nothing there. Blank. And "Next >" is greyed out.

Any other ideas?

Is there a different driver I can use that we can know will work? I'm pretty much desperate at this point.
When I click on properties of the USB Human Interface Device, it says the device is in Location 0 (USB Audio CODEC). Does that mean anything significant?
its going to be hard to pick the correct driver as the device id string does not match anything i have come across before.

every driver i know of is now in one place and you are free to try some of them with that cable.

why has windows classed that as audio ?
i really think windows is misreading the cross over chip in the cable
thats of corse if the cable is not faulty its self, does not take much to damage the little chip inisde the cable end.

how old would you say that cable is ?
Is there a way to just stop windows from automatically trying to install it as a HID? Even if it said it was an unknown device, that would be more helpful than what it's doing now. Regardless of which driver I try to install I get the "The specified location does not contain information about your hardware" message.

I think the cable is only a few years old.
go in to device manager, then right click on the device and select uninstall.
before windows get a chance to reload its driver use the new hardware wizard.
I just went and bought an RS-232 cable. All works fine now. Thanks for your help!
thats cheating Grin

the driver that came with your new cable can you pack it up with winzip and send to me on the sites contact email address.

would be worth getting hold of as many of these cable drivers as i can.

I too, had the same problem with the HL340 driver (I mean I only paid $2.96 for the cable from KAWAMALL on eBay). The CD didn't work at all..started looking, found this string, clicked a couple of times and found the driver that works on davesdrivers.com - it was the CH341newer driver. Thanks Dave!!

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