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How to install a driver in vista


Disable any anti virus and firewall you may be running.
Double click the setup icon follow the on screen instructions


Download your driver of choice.
Disable any anti virus and firewall
Unpack the driver into a folder on your desktop.
Right click on my computer icon on your desktop, scroll to properties and left click, in the left hand list click device manager.
Now scroll down the list for your problem device, right click the mouse on the device and left click update driver software

Choose browse my computer for driver software.
Browse to the folder you unpacked the driver into, Double click that folder, now click ok, click next, windows will now start its search and look inside your folder for the correct driver for your device.
When its finished restart your pc.

Trying to use other windows drivers under vista.

Double click the program compatibility wizard on the desk top. Choose what ever version of windows
The driver was for.
Now browse to your driver setup.exe icon , click next and finish the wizard.
This is by NO means a 100% way of getting a older driver to work but some xp/2k drivers do
Work if you use the compatibility wizard


its come to my attention that microsoft has not put the compatibility wizard on the desktop of all versions of vista,

this is the correct way to now find the compatibility wizard.

Click the Start ,
Click on Control Panel,
Click on Programs. Additional program options will be displayed
In the Programs and Features section click the link Use An Older Program With This Version of Windows. The Program Compatibility Wizard will launch.
you can now follow the above advice on installing your driver in vista.

some people are telling me that the Compatibility Wizard is not built in all versions of vista , this is not ture its built in every version of vista.
the m/s way to find it can be found here.

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