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Rocketfish notebook & USB 2.0 PC CAMERA drivers for Windows 7 PLEASEEEE!
I have 2 different webcams one of them is a rocketfish note book webcam

[Image: 2q9anu8.jpg]

& one is this cheap chinese webcam

[Image: 2usii5c.jpg]

Neither work on my windows 7.. :( I have downloaded a couple of drivers for the chinese webcam but the ones I have downloaded just give me a black screen even after I restart my computer & try to unninstall & repair.. HELP PLEASE!
please look for the model number on that rockfish cam then enter it here and see if they offer you a download.

with the other cam and the rockfish if they offer no downloads.

please call up the device id strings of both the cams as listed here and post them on the forum.
I downloaded the Rocketfish driver but it says "No video capture was detected on your system" & the webcam is plugged in, not sure if its because its a Windows 7, what do I do ?

& the other webcam says the same thing. "sorry, you have no video capture hardware"
for the rocketfish webcam

& for the 2.0 webcam i got this

they are basically the same thing? did i give u the right code? lol
if what i am reading is correct thats the sonix chipset

102 or 202 with a second cmos controller.

this cam has popped up more then once and can prove a pain under windows 7

if you have got the driver from rockfish please try this.
go in to programs and remove the driver.

restart the pc.

now shut down any firewall, anti-virus you may be running
make sure the cam is being plugged in to main usb port not a hub they don't like that, main usb are just under your mouse and keyboard.

try reinstalling the driver with the above programs switched off and using a main usb port.

once installed, open any IM program such as msn messenger, click tools and run the webcam wizard to pre set the cam.
Okay I just tried that, & still nothing..
ok give this driver set a try

Hello Dave,

I'm having the same issue with the same Rocketfish camera as the above user. Can you please repost the driver that solved this issue?


I will try and track that cam down for you.
dam hostmonster have deleted yet another of my drivers from my file site
try this driver direct from rocketfish


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