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Please Help
Hi Guys,

Need some help... I have aquired an old Packard Bell desktop unit running on Windows XP, I want to upgrade it to Windows 7 but i already have 1 driver missing before i start. Its the Video Controller (VGA Compattable). If anyone could point me in the right direction for it i would be grateful.

Also i dont have any clue of the other drivers that will be needed upon Windows 7 being installed so if anyone knows of any that would be cool too. Spec Below.

Its a Packard Bell iMedia 1317 and this is what i know about it.
Intel Cleron 2.93 GHz Processor
1GB Ram
70GB Hard Drive


that P/B is running the sis 661fx onboard video card.

if you click here

then select the following,
windows xp
IPG graphics drivers

those are the correct and most up to date drivers for xp.

i would not advise windows 7 on this pc.
windows 7 just like vista before hand is very system hungry.
the standard 1 gig memory is a little low for windows 7
2 gig min is really needed.
the Intel Celeron chip will be over worked, the main speed is ok but the fact the side cache is so low will really show up.
the onboard sis video will also find windows 7 very hard work,
the sis 661fx has limited 3d so you will not get the best out of windows 7.

Thanks for the advice, may make a few tweaks to the spec before updating to windows 7

Thanks for the help again, is there anyway i can donate some £££ to the running costs of the site, it is an awesome site

just click donate on the top of the forums.

its all handled by paypal as its the safest way for the site and your self.

if your going to upgrade i would dump the Celeron chip for a full blown p4 or pent D chip
i need to know what motherboard you have and see if you can plug in a better gfx card.

those are the only two real worries.
older memory simms are dirt cheap these days on ebay so upgrading to 2 gig won't cost too much.
second hand video card and intel chip also won't set you back a great deal.
Would a 'AMD Athlon XP 2400+' improve this system in anyway?

in a simple word no and the reason being AMD and Intel use different sockets for their CPU

thats to stop people swaping cpus from one brand to another.

oh thats fair enough then


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