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VAIO PCG-K2 Series WIFI Problem
ok, so when i connect to my wireless router, its fine, but then after say an hour or so, i have to restart the laptop, is there any cure for this ? below i'll list my network adapter, and system information, hope this can be resolved because it's getting rather annoying now! lol thanks, Wayne.

Wifi :

Lan-Express AS IEEE 802.11g miniPCI adapter (Ahteros Communications)

System Info :

Sony Corporation
VAIO PCG-K2 Series
Mobile Intel® PentiumR)
4 CPU 3.06GHz
512mb RAM
everest should be able to tell you what chipset is inisde that Ahteros card and then see if you can find a update driver.

also check your main wifi router and make sure is not set for a lease time.
most wifi router have this and if enbaled you can limit the connection to a pre set amount of time.
I also have a playstation 3, that doesn't disconnect but then again that is wired? it's the free router that i got when i signed up to virgin media, im clueless here, will give you a little more info when i do everest. ok

ty wazza
Well, i have no idea, says i have the right driver installed :
LAN-Express AS IEEE 802.11g miniPCI Adapter

I have absolutly no idea, like you said it might be my router, is there anyway of finding out?
a wired connection does not drop as its direct.

i need to know what router virgin sent you as i need to see if i can find its settings.
look at the box and let me know any make or model numbers on it.

may take a while for me to find any info as virgin can be sneeky gits.

have a quick google seacrh of wifi lease time
Network Configuration
WAN IP Address ***.***.**.***
Duration D: 04 H: 17 M: 03 S: 52
Expires Sun Feb 13 02:33:02 2011
WAN Subnet Mask
WAN Default Gateway ***.***.**.*
WAN Primary DNS
WAN Secondary DNS

doesn't say anything specific about lease times, and to say that i also connect my blackberry and that doesn't seem to disconnect? i seem to think it could be windows xp and this router, the router is a Virgin NETGEAR VMDG280. Any othe things i could try or do...
what a pain in the butt the forum did not post my replay now have to do it over Slap

been reading about that router at virgin.
it seems your not alone with having problems with wifi.
its a netgear router but its running a mod virgin firmware which is giving a heap of problems.

now you can try the basic stuff here.

reset the router back to its factory settings.
clear the wifi table, and change the output channel.
move the router if possible.

the only problem i can see xp giving you is if its trying to take control of the wifi card while your using the Ahteros Communication manager.
you can try shutting down the Ahteros Communication manager and tell it not to start with xp.
then restart the laptop and let xp take control.

this being a laptop make sure in the power options that its not cutting the power of the wifi card,
it will be listed in your bios or any sony power control software.

it was added to laptops a while back and its surpose to help battery life, i tend to disbale it on my dell as it use to drop the power and loose the connection as the battery went down.
Ok, so, after looking, im pretty sure its to do with the laptop, im thinking its something like you said, power management... shutting down hard-disks etc, becuase i have also a nintendo wii, ps3, and ive played them for hours (although the mrs moans... but hey :-p )

I can't really see there being a problem with the router, but saying that at my mrs' house, hers does the same thing, yet she is on the old virgin media NTL : 250 modem, with a BUFFALO router, and hers seems to do the same thing, like you said i think it would more than likely be a problem with the laptop(s) disconnecting, due to saving power, i will look a lot more into that and post any updates... also. I know this is a driver forum, but have you thought of adding Wii/Xbox/Ps3 category? for flashing chipping and modding? thats what i specialise in, but if thats against your rules and regs, then its probably worth not. lol...

But, saying that if you're interested i could upload how to flash the old firmware, new firmware and upcoming firmware of the wii and 360. Hope i haven't broken any rules with this post, if so delete it, no need to msg or reply, i would completly understand.

Wazza x
no you not broken any rules.

I don't play Wii/Xbox/Ps3 to be 100% honest i have no interest in them
my main training as you may have guessed is in pc /laptop hardware Grin

if i do add this section i will need a Moderator for it because as far as i know none of my team work with those machines.
i can offer you a Moderator title if you wish to run them yourself and give you a FTP access for any file updates you may need to store.
as i offer this site for free i can't pay you for any work you may do.
i know that sucks but i don't get paid and the site cost me a packet in hosting cost.
because the site is so dam big now i have two accounts, one for the main pages and forum and the other for driver files.

what I started as hobby has grown in to a monster that eats all my free time Eek

I will be away for a while as from tuesday, i have a big problem that needs my attention, but biggles will be around as i have asked him to check on the site.

Wayne, have a look in Device Manager, Network adapters, Wireless xxx, Power Management tab and see if the Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power option is ticked. If it is, untick it.
Ok Davey, we'll talk a little more through e-mails or PM on the forum. Course i wouldn't want money, but clearly its not a legitamite thing to do but there are websites out there that host all these files as long as they have "We do not control or endorse what you do with the files download" "Cheating is bad, Play fair", etc. so then its not on your back.

Ok biggles, i had a look at it and from what i can see it says
"802.11 Authentication Type"
"802.11b preamble"
"Power Save"
"Radio On Off"

The selection it was chosen to was "802.11 Authentication Type", so i've changed it to "Radio on/off" which i have absolutly no idea if it will change or help me in any way but what i dont try i can't moan about lol.
might be better to link to other sites for any possible downloads that way people do not download direct from this site and i can't get in deep boo boo for it.

what they do with your advice and another sites files is really up to them, as long as you make it clear they are doing it at their own risk i can't see there being a problem.

its no different then when i advise on a bios download yes you can get those files but they always carry a risk of a dead computer so no one not even the motherboard / laptop manufacturer themselfs will say the files are safe

I am sleeping alot at the moment as i only came out of hospital today so if i delay any answers to you its because i am in the land of nod


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