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hardware prob or a virus
hi davey! it's been awhile! sorry if i can't visit the site these days..very busy on work and i am always out of town.

this january, i was browsing my email then computer suddenly stop, the monitor turns off but the power LED of the pc still on. i tried to force it shut down but nothing happens. so i tried to turn it off thru psu switch. then i turn it on again then i notice there's no feedback on the cpu. i mean, the heatsink fan is not circulating. so i immediately removed all wirings/cables from the motherboard then i put it back again then the pc starts again. i will assure it that it is impossible that the wirings/cables was loosen.

2nd, 2 weeks beforehand, my friend's had the same problem. at first, i told him thru phone that it might be the motherboard. bcoz everytime he switch it on, the LED is blinking with beep sound. again, i tried the same and it works fine after i put it back the wirings/cables.

3rd, last tuesday only...same prob occurs on different computer and different person. she left her pc for 48 hrs bcoz she forgot to turn it off.
then after switching if off. and the other day, the pc failed to switch it on. again, i tried the same and it works!

and tonight... i have here the same prob as usual and the same solution on my neighborhood's desktop.

is these coincidence of loosen cable? or a new kind of virus or hacking something like that? imagine, 4 different computers, 4 different owner with the same problem.

what do you think davey?
I don't think this is a virus attack as it would happen even after power down the board and seating the power cords.
as soon as you started windows the virus would reload and bang off again.

A few things i know that can cause this sort of problem

one is heat, the bios detects heat in the cpu or gpu and shuts the power off to the cpu or video card.
reseting and power down the board will slove that problem, AMD like to be reset in this way.

another possible cause is a power spike / surge on the main power supply in your area.
these can cause a great deal of damage to a pc and if big enough will blow out any hardware.

just to rule out a possible hack attempt get everyone to run a anti- spyware scan with malwarebytes.

that should remove any unwanted files.
all of the said PCs are intel cpu. 2 of us are using video card and the other 2 was integrated with the motherboard. i am not sure with the rest regarding overheat but my PC is not. i think the interval is about 2-3 mins only when i started my PC. moreover, our weather is currently -2 celcius, on which i think overheat is not the problem. i never encounter such a power surge here in japan. their current is stable and we never use any power regulator unlike in the philippines. and with regards to possible hack attempt...that's what i am trying to tell. maybe someone is trying to hack us then later on, i guess..virus is next.

i elevated it to you bcoz i am very curious about it. if you remember..when i encountered a problem on yahoo messenger, later on on the other thread, someone also address the same problem. i hope we are the only one who have this kind of problem. if someone someday elevated it thru thread..i think we are in danger.
check event viewer on all the pc's and see if you all have the same fault listed.

so far i have not come across this where i live your the first but again if it was a virus it would stay put in the boot section of your hard drive and cause you a heap of problems.

do you have a firewall on that pc and your router ?

reason i ask is this the router is using a hardware firewall and they are much harder to break then a software version.
hi davey! sorry for the delayed reply. got some allergies and down for a almost a month.

yes we have firewall both on that pc and router. i never had a chance to see the event viewer since since i don't have any contact/communication right now with the respective owner of the pc.

so far..there's no problem occur. as soon as i encounter it again.. i will elevate it again to you. thank you very much!

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