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I downgraded my brothers Packard Bell EasyNote MH36 from Vista to XP Pro today but i'm having awful trouble finding the appropiate drivers. Why have PB stopped support for XP on this machine?

There's a couple of other threads on the forum which give great advice but i still can't find the WLAN and VC drivers. WLAN is RTL8187B if that helps. Sound and Chipset seem sorted but all he cares about is the internetGrin

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
the realtek is just the controller chip on the wifi card,

however i need to find the company that made the card in order to find the correct drivers for you.

on any errors showing in device manager can you call up the device id string, this should give me the info on the company that made
the parts and gives me something to search.

poor old windows xp is getting past its best, well so the companies would have you beleive, i still think its the best o/s but they will start to water
down support for xp now as its getting close to its no support date from microsoft.
right as i have nothing better to do i have been pulling the files off P/B and checking them.

go to packard bell website and call up your model number.

this is going to sound strange but don't worry.

call up all the downloads for vista.
download the QMI wireless driver.

install that driver on xp, what P/B is not telling you is the windows xp driver is also in that download and checking the files it is the one that supports the RTL8187B as its controller chip.

anything else missing let me know i am sure i can find work rounds for you.
this machine is a basic intel chipset so make sure you have loaded the main intel INF file.
Top man.

Yep that worked for the wireless.

I still have 3 problems in device manager though.

[img][Image: ethern10.jpg][/img]

[img][Image: video_10.jpg][/img]

[img][Image: vga_co10.jpg][/img]

I think thats the Device ID string you need on the drivers with problems still. Anything more just let me know. Really appreciate the help Davey. Cheers.
ok those device id string lead me to this.

intel chipset driver is missing so this set will work with your laptop.

as thats missing i would also think the other intel device id string is the video card,


last one is the dial up modem its a motorola SM56 going by that device id string.

install in the order i posted them, the video card will need the chipset drivers installed first.
Didn't work. I installed the chipset driver first off but when i run the video card setup i get this message. "This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software. Setup will exit."
ok let me dig up what i can find on that for you.
it might be because its a laptop that packard bell OEM name should be in the driver, however i will double check that for you.
No prob. Thanks again.
ok just had a idea now you have wifi on that laptop click this link and let intel choose the best drivers for that machine.

when it wants to download a active x make sure you allow that.

another thing i can think of that would stop the intel driver loading and that is your version of windows xp.
i think that driver needs windows xp with a min of service pack 2 installed before it will load
updating your direct x will also help.

Cool i'll give it a try. I have his laptop here and i don't have WIFI. So i'll have to wait till tomorrow before i see him and try it out. I'll report back then. Cheers.
packard bell are being tight lipped on the spec of this machine.
i am trying to comfirm what intel video card is inisde it.

specs are not on p/b site Nono

i found one spec layout from a shop selling that laptop if what i was reading is correct this is the driver for the " 4 " series chipsets video


getting a bit sick of these so called auto driver update programs getting in the way of my searching, the day one of those programs works as it should i would eat my own head.
that don't stop them plastering the net with crap that you have to pay for, really does get on my nerves when your trying to search for information.

rant over lol lol lol
Right, long story short. Couldn't connect to the WIFI because the encryption our ISP use won't work with XP SP2. Updated to SP3 and this one http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_D...2&lang=eng worked when i did!

Thanks again for all the help Davey.Rock

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