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Audio Drivers for HP Pavilion dv9925nr
Hello everyone,
Let me first start by saying that after scouring the net for a fix to my problem, I have decided to actualy register and post here as your advice seams to be very acurate and you apear to have a high rate of success.

So here is my problem. I just installed Windows 7 Ultimate x64 unto my HP Pavilion dv9925nr Laptop, and have succeeded in getting everything to work except for the audio. I have tried every driver listed on the HP site for this laptop (even tried to run in compatibility mode for vista) but to no avail. I show no sound device in Device Manager and my speaker icon has a red x on it stating "No Audio Output Device Installed"
Can you please help me too remedy this problem?

Any Help is appreciated.


I have no Idea what exactly fixed the problem but somewhere in the course of installing my webcam software and QuikPlay button software it appears to have fixed itself........
Will post more of I have more problems!

and thanks for your great resources found here on your forum!
going by what your saying i would think that windows 7 found the driver it was after from windows update.

that sounds silly if you did not run windows update yourself, but its pre set in windows 7 to check windows update when the computer is first booted or restarted.

its one of those settings in windows 7 that can prove to be a pain in the backside as well as i have found out when it downloads a wrong driver and install's it without telling you.

going in to control panel and telling windows not to auto update does not shut it down, windows still looks for updates without telling you what its doing.
Yeah it was wierd as I was waiting to do any windows updates till after I had everything working . But it is working now so Im happy.

Thank you for responding so quickly, and inspite of the problem fixing itself. I can definetly say I will be keeping an eye on this forum for troubleshoting tricks from now on.

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