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Dot Matrix Printer not printing with HL-340 USB to Serial Cable
Hi Dave,

I've purchased a HP Pro desktop running on Win 7 OS. The desktop does not come with serial port, hence I've purchased the HL USB-RS232 cable for the purpose of connecting to my Oki Microline 320 Turbo dot matrix printer. I've managed to install the HL-340 driver that comes with the cable. Under device manager, the device is displayed as USB-SERIAL CH340 (COM1). I've then added the printer to COM1 but the printer doesn't print.

I've tried the same to my Compaq laptop running on Win XP SP3 OS and the printer doesn't print as well.

Could you pls advise on this? Thanks.

Best Regards,

Jessy Chu
ok just reading about this printer it is a serial port however its still running the epson ESC-P emulation.

I am not 100% sure but i don't think these cross over cables allow such a emulation to work as they really are just running a emulated serial port themselfs.

there is a windows 7 driver set out for that printer so you can try that and i would also try setting that cable up to use comm port 2.

and while i am thinking about this did you make sure any firewall and anti-virus software was switched off while you installed the driver set ?
reason i ask is these programs block port access, if they were allowed to run at the same time as a driver install they can block the port from being used by windows.
Hi Dave,

Thanks for your fast reply. I've tried disabled the firewall and anti-virus software but still not printing. I've decided to drop the printer. Thanks.

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