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BIOS Problems on Gateway MX6441 .
I am working on a Gateway MX6441 for another technician . I need to know is during the BIOS boot up what steps come after video bios shadowed is displayed that is where the bios boot up halts . Comp1 The BIOS will boot now and then if I hit the f10 and the f2 keys real fast before it gets to the video BIOS shadowed prompt . I then get into the BIOS settings to set the boot sequence to boot CD/DVD/Blue Ray then HD then removable device then blue tooth device then LAN . Once this is done I save and exit with a bootable Windows XP Home CD in it goes ok until the CD gets to starting Windows and halts when I reboot it goes back to locking up on the BIOS again . I need to know the sequence after Video BIOS Shadowed and any other information you can offer .
I the hard drive has been repartitioned and reformatted I got it that way and the owner dose not have the recovery disk set . The screen shows in this order .
PhoenixBIOS 4.0 Release 6.1
Copyright 1985-2003 Phoenix Technogies Ltd.
All Rights Reserved

BIOS version 68.04
System ID = 566T1004
Build Time 01/24/06 18:54:42

CPU0 =AMD Turion™ 64 Mobile Technology ML-34
639K System RAM Passed
446M Extended RAM Passed
1024K Cache SRAM Passed
System BIOS shadowed
Video BIOS shadowed

Press to enter SETUP
and as I said it stops at video bios shadowed. What I typed above is how it comes up on the screen. I have a picture of the screen at. http://s60.photobucket.com/albums/h14/Blastor48/Laptop%20Work/?action=view¤t=100_6149.jpg
it really depends on the bios make.
award ami, e.t.c all have a different ways of booting.
if its stopping at the video BIOS shadowed i would think its the video card memory or video card GPU after that.
if the laptop and video card share the main system memory i would replace the simms with known good ones and see if it then passes that step without stopping.

for a bios to stop would point to a problem, as its stopping at the video card i would first look at that.
the windows install also stopping would seem to point to a memory problem as well.
all startup files are held in memory till windows starts to copy over its main files
davey6 thank you for your reply. I have added some more information to the post due to the memory checks passing do you still think it might be a ram problem?
yes i would swap the ram just to rule it out.
a bad simm does not always show on a quick test but when used to the max like installing windows can break down.

i think it might also be a idea to shut off the System BIOS shadowed and
Video BIOS shadowed while your trying to install windows, its not really needed to install windows.

and to rule out a possible hard drive bad sector that again would not show on a quick test do a full hard drive test with the test tools from the people that made the hard drive.

trying to trace a problem in a laptop can be a long boring job but when a problem does show up you have to start from point 1 and work your way to point 2 and so on.
Thank you once again for your help and have a good day. I will have to order some ram in but there is one good side to that . It will fit my laptop and give me more RAM if it dose not fix the problem for the one I'm working on.

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