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Black Screen After System Restore
Well, I'm fairly paranoid when it comes to viruses and what not. I did a system restore today and when I went to log back in, none of the windows services started up so all i saw was my mouse and a black screen. I brought up the task manager and just logged out and then logged back in then it loaded all the services. Im not sure whats up with that, any idea why that happened?

Also,I'm not entirely sure what it means but I was playing a game and the graphics of a game go distorted, sorta like the texture wasn't correctly displayed
I hadn't ever had that happened but i played this game before and its been fine, my graphics card is more than enough for it.
I'm not sure but would it be because my graphics card is getting too hot?
Its a GTS 250 and it ran around 65°C I don't think its too hot for it to do that?
black screen after a system restore is nothing to worry about, it just means windows hung a little with the new settings.
i have seen that alot after a system restore, a restart normally sorts that out.

graphics break up is down to heat more then anything else, the temp you see on screen is sometimes not correct as windows does not always read the temp sensor correct, the way to find out is to start the game up and when the gfx starts to break down pause the game and put your hand next the gfx fan out vent, if it feels hot then it needs its fan and heat sink cleaned asap
nvidia GFX start to show blocks and drags when they hit high 80's to 90oC and shut down at 100 oC to protect themselfs

if you have done a system restore make sure you do the following

update direct x
update your video card driver
update the motherboard drivers
Oh I see, that was the first time I had that happen to me when i did a system restore.

Well before the game started to artifact, an hr or so before, it froze and the screen flickered a bit, but i could still move my mouse and could click the start button still.
After a few seconds passed, it got unfrozen and continued like nothing had happened. I also had the internet open and had some music playing at the same time. It was pretty weird.
Also it is pretty hot in my house and with the graphics card adding more heat to it as well.
that card may be breaking down or over heating.
take it out the system and give it a good clean up just in case its down to heat.

even a little dust can add alot to the over all temp as the fan is not blowing its full air flow.
if you use riva tuner you can over ride the drivers built in fan control and set it yourself.

as your card is showing signs of blocks i would not advise a overclock with that software just speed your fan up.
If I take it apart to thoroughly clean it, do I have to take the heatsink off as well? It looks attached to the casing.
So I'll have to clean off the old thermal compound and put some new stuff on?
Only thing I got leftover is some Arctic Silver, not sure if that will do?
you should be able to remove the outer case and leave the heatsink in place on top of the GPU i would not advise you to remove the heatsink fully as i have seen case's of where people do that and they pull the top of the GPU die off with it so best to leave it in place and just give it a good clean.
If I remember correctly, I wanted to clean it out a few months back but I looked up on how to and read something about that the only way was to take it all apart, not sure if I misread though.
So I didn't clean it out thoroughly because of that
i think it depends on what cooler is fitted, if its the nvidia one then it has to come apart heatsink as well if its a aftermarket one it should come apart without the heatsink.

i don't know why nvidia fitted one that needs to be removed in one big lump like that.
they use to fit ones where you cou;d take the top plate off ( lots of tiny screws ) and clean the lot without touching anything.
Mine is from EVGA I'm not entirely sure if you can or not, I would have taken it apart the first time around. But I read that you can't take it apart unless you take the enter thing apart and then reapply thermal compound on it.
give me the full model number as printed on the card.
i will check it with EVGA and see what cooler is fitted i can then tell you what needs to be done.
Alright thanks, I appreciate it
EVGA GTS 250 Model: 512-P3-1150-TR

This is a different kind of black screen I experienced a few times but its kind of weird. I could be doing something like on firefox for while and then when I close it, my background picture and desktop icons are gone and its all black. The task bar is still there though and it works like normal. What I do to fix it is to just right click anywhere on the desktop and hit refresh and the picture is back.
sounds like the program your running is not clearing your ram on shut down.
if its firefox look for a update.
hmmm maybe, i just downloaded the latest version of Firefox not too long ago which is ver 4, might have some bugs in it?
if its a new version out it may be a upgrade or to put it another way remove old bugs put new bugs in

if you have upgraded from one version to another i would try removing the software fully from the pc then do a clean install of the new version and see if that helps.

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