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Driver for PCI Card Ali M5271 USB for Win7
Hi Together

Please don't watch my english, I'm from German Part of Switzerland :-)

I have here an an old PCI Card for USB 2.0 (combo with firewire). There is a CD with XP drivers but tht does'nt work with Win7. I found the driver nowhere. I put in the Card, but Win7 does'nt install ist, in any case, it does'nt work.

Does somebody know where i could download drivers for that piece?

Details: ALI, M5271 A1 S/N 69061000024

Greetings from Franz Xaver
wow thats a old card, ali stopped making chipsets years ago and from what i can see on google that chipset even had problems with windows xp.
i have a feeling windows 7 is just going to stick two fingers up at this card however you can try loading it with the compatibility wizard


while you try that i will see if anything is listed at microsoft download back pages.
well nothing is listed at microsoft at all.

ALi main site is now dead as well
Hi davey :-)

Thanks for your answer. I supposed it, because I found nothing too. I think, better we forget it and I'll buy a new one. It's not so expensive.


Franz Xaver
was worth a shot if nothing else.

windows 7 is not really for the older hardware, microsoft made it that way.
mind you saying that windows 7 is better then vista at supporting some older hardware, mosty sound cards and video cards

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