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my hp dv4 screen with 1200 by 800 screen resolution only displays 1024 by 768.
Good day, my name is Tobi.im very new here,there is a part of my screen that is black, and when i check the screen resolution it is set at 1024x768 instead of 1200x800. ive downloaded the graphics drivers, chipset and video drivers from hp's website, but its still the same. please what do i do?
I need to check the spec at HP can you let me know the fill model number as listed on the sticker on the base of your laptop.
dv4 calls up nine possible models i need to narrow that down.
dv4-1120us, intel core 2 duo. Came with vista 64 bit but i changed it to Windows 7 64 bit, 4gb ram, 250gb, vram is 64 bit..
ok that machine has a overclocked 9300 GFX

i just needed to check the facts to make sure this set of drivers i point you to supports your GFX

try this mod set of drivers from laptop2go


when it comes to mod laptop GFX drivers these guys do a good job.

see if running a mod set of drivers sloves your screen res problem.
if it don't remove the GFX drivers,
run windows update and make sure you have service pack 1 installed.
then update direct x then try again.
Good day mr dave, d site u recommended did not have any driver that culd work on my dv4. I also noticed that when i go to graphic options on my desktop. There are 3 options: single display, extended display and intel display clone. I chose d extended display and noticed in my screen resolution options that i could select display on vga, it also has different screen sizes. I chose my screen size and clickd apply, but there was no change. So i ticked the make it my main display box and noticd the screen is stil d same and only d mouse can be seen with no other objects.. I had to use safe mode to restore it. Please what do i do. Tobi.
right first off you may have to clean the system of any left over nvidia drivers files before you can try the driver i just got sent by HP

you will need to download and install this little program

to use that program go in to programs and remove the nvidia driver from your system, restart windows in safe mode.
run that driver cleaner program and tell it nvidia display.

once its cleaned the system restart in normal windows

then download and install this driver that HP support tells me is the correct driver for your model under windows 7 64bit
Thanks for the reply mr dave. I just wantd to point out that my dv4 graphic driver is intel gma 4500mhd. Would the recommended solution still work.
in that case no, if its the intel gfx and not the nvidia i will contact HP again now and wait for a reply from them and get back to you.
however saying that if you have loaded any nvidia GFX drivers remove them as they are not needed.

the nvidia GFX is fitted to your model as a option but now i know what gfx you have i can pester HP business support and find the newest driver they have on offer.

i was just checking your problem with intel.
it seems they dam well know about this problem.
have a read of this page about a possible fix

possible update drivers that might get this problem fixed can be downloaded direct from them as well
Mr dave, i have downloaded about three different drivers from the site you recommended and upon installation it shows: this system does not meet the requirements to install this driver. i have checked and they all look like drivers that would work for me. please what do i do?
right download and try this driver set.


this is the full HP intel driver set for windows 64bit.

if this one fails to install it might be a case of trying everest to see what GPU is inside that machine but give that a go first.
I have downloaded and installed the file, it installed well and replaced the old driver, then it restarted, but it is still the same half screen. Pls wat do i do next
right i had a feeling you was going to say this.

that means the main intel drivers from intel themselfs have been blocked by HP in short that means you can only run a HP intel GFX driver.
contact HP support and tell them the HP driver that they have to download has the intel fault in it ( list this page to HP support http://www.intel.com/support/graphics/sb/CS-028366.htm )

then tell them that as HP are blocking the newer fixed driver from intel you request that they find you a newer working driver.
i uninstalled my intel graphics media accelerator driver and installed one of the drivers i downloaded from intel, it installed and restarted the system but its still the same. what do you suggest i do next?
as this is a know fault and intel do list it as such your only hope would be HP

they should have access to drivers at intel that i can't see or access.
i do however have access to microsoft database so i will take a look at that later and see if i can find a microsoft signed driver
that fits your laptop.
After much searching i have found a list of microsoft drivers for that display.

if you click here you will see the list you may have to accept the microsoft active x control to see this list.


most up to date one i can see in that list was done feb this year so give that one a try
just sitting here reading my own work.

you can try the following as well.
i had to reinstall my windows 7 64bit as it crashed Slap had to be in windows 7 to make sure i give you the correct steps as windows xp works in a different way.

when your on the desktop right click the mouse then click screen resolution
that will bring up windows 7 display,
click the blue text advanced settings
click the monitor tab
when that is open take the tick out the box hide modes this monitor can not display
click apply then close all the windows and restart the laptop
then see if you can change to the res that you want

this does not work on some laptops as windows does its best to read the max res from the screen hardware and GFX information but its worth a shot.

Good day mr dave and longtime, i have grown tired of the problem. I have done everything doable but no success. Pls wat other solutions are available to solve this problem. Thanks
I can't think of anything else for you to try and being a forum it has its limits or i would say bring the thing down and let me look at it.
this really is a intel / hp problem.
intel know and have corrected the problem Hp being their normal self have yet to bring out the mod drivers for that GFX.
the only thing you can do now is to keep contacting HP support till they get their act together
this really is poor support from them.
if intel have corrected the problem then HP should have the mod drivers on their site

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