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sony vaio pcv-w101/w (windows xp)
hi dave! the said computer had corrupted drivers and tons of viruses so i totally format it. lol using everest, i determined the drivers needed and so far..only graphics driver had a problem. and i downloaded the driver on this section the s3 graphics twister ( Chipset Integrated VIA ProSavage PN133T). i also updated the directx but still got a problem. after the windows logo, screen remain in black while you will hear the windows sounds continues to log on.

restarting it and using safe mode, you will able to log on to uninstall the graphics driver. once you will restart..it will log on without a problem then it will prompted and install automatically the said driver. then again, once rebooted/restarted, problem will occur again.

is there any tricks on this problem?
hum something not right here.
sony list this as pro savage PN133T onboard GFX

now i know via took over the older s3 and shoved it in their chipsets. the
PN133T is a older one but via list that as S3 twister gfx

i would use the via drivers for the gfx but remember to load the via 4 in one drivers first as that loads AGP support that the chipset is sitting on

so this set first

followed by direct x

followed by GFX
copy...thanks! i am currently down with terrible headache! my migraine is attacking again...i'll get back to you as soon as i feel better.
i would swap your migraine for the pain i am in day in and day out.

i am sure biggles would offer you the same swap but i got here first lol lol

Dave, have some sympathy. He does after all have a Sony Vaio. Poo
hahaha! well i guess, i still love my migraine than your daily pain! lol

i tried to install all u had said but unfortunately, i still got the same problem...after xp logo screen, no display, all screen in black.

it's look like i am having a headache again on this sony vaio! lol
What happens when you boot in Safe Mode?
in safe mode, it will boot normally... without problem.
ok while in safe mode

remove the via GFX and the S3 driver from the laptop and restart in normal mode, it should now restart as normal.

i have a feeling this laptop needs the oem driver from sony in order to work.
have a look here at sony for that model it does tell you how to update that GFX the problem is to me its in broken english but if you can read jap it might make more sense.

ok i will uninstall those drivers and restart in normal mode.

the thing is i had to update the driver thru vaio's update. unfortunately, they already stop/terminated the update support for this model. my goodness..my head is aching again!! what the f...k! sony is driving me crazy for their model as always!
the problem with sony is they have to tie every bloody thing down to one model even the drivers.

I don't like working on any sony all be it a laptop or even a desktop as they can be a real pig to get running.
i will try and track down a sony gfx drvier for you to try but even that may not work.
its worth a shot if nothing else.
would help if i did not have to translate everything.
if it was in spanish that would be ok i can read and speak spanish, but jap , my god looks like a childs cartoon to me, its very pretty to look at all that but to understand it eekk no way
try a few of the drivers listed here.


most of these are microsoft approved drivers and should work on that sony as they would be updated by windows update.
same here..i can't understand all the japanese since they had 3 types of writing..hiragana, katakana and kanji. and take note, not all japanese knows kanji. that's the funny thing! it was the old writings and it originated from chinese. and also the reason why chinese knows kanji..unfortunately, not the same meaning.

the website has encountered a problem...it says. anyway, i will anything on this until i will give up! lol well, i guess, it's all about vaio's update. l hope it will update someday for the said driver.
oh that might be because microsoft needs to install a active x in order to access that site.
go to the home page first http://catalog.update.microsoft.com/v7/site/Home.aspx

do it what it ask, then look at the downloads above.
there are a few other laptops makes in that list, but you guessed it no sony

i spent a while on this last night and was looking for the english versions of your laptop so i could at least read the sony site.
nothing showed up just kept pointing me to the jap site for some reason
one other thing to try as well just in case that laptop is not a bog standard thing,
run everest on it and call up the GPU just in case there was a option for a upgrade GFX card that sony have not listed on their site.
i'm about to pull my hair...but luckily...the vaio's update corrected and fix the problem! it takes almost 2 days when i installed the vaio's update but nothing changes until this evening.

i am getting nervous everytime i have sony branded to fix...i always having a headache on this brand. they are trying to monopolize everything.

thanks davey and biggles for your always support.
just out of interest what driver did it install ?
it had the following update...video driver update, bios update, and cd-rom update...after downloading the update, it requires to restart then i restart it and that's it..it fixes the video driver problem. it reminds last year when i have a problem also with a sony laptop.. the problem was solved thru vaio's update too.

i am just wondering why sony didn't share these fixes/update on their manual download section. why it should be in their own vaio's update??
just pop in to display on that laptop and let me know what card is listed.

you should be able to tell if its a sony driver by doing the following

control panel , display icon , settings tab, advanced option, adapter tab, properites,
then driver tab

that should tell you what card it is and who made the driver and what version of the driver it is running
sorry davey...i already gave the unit this morning before i go for work. i only noted/listed the updates posted on vaio's update. as i do remember, it's the same driver as i had checked the device driver, S3 twister with ..... that's the problem i forgot that. yesterday, as soon as it fixes the driver..i started downloading starter packages program. i used FreeApp program where it will install all your desired program or software in just few clicks.

anyway, i will call the owner tomorrow and will ask that driver. i will give you feedback as soon as i got words from her. thanks!


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