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Nvidia Geforce FX5600
Hey Davey and everyone else

I'm still trying to keep this old Gericom Smart Power laptop going. The spec seems ok and I have 1.5meg of Ram but it won't upload and playback video from my DV camcorder. Playback is very poor and skips frames. I used windows movie maker on xp. I think the video/ gpu driver is not the most up to date but can't find it listed on the nvidia site! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Tried to install Pinnacle and tols me my video card wasn't up to it. Cheers
as thats the geforce 5600 this set of drivers will run it.
unlike most laptop companies gericom don't tie the drivers to the laptops so the standard sets do work.


that set should give you about the best playback you can get on that gfx card.

now i use to have one of those laptops myself , long time ago i admit but i do remember it running that set of drivers without a problem
if memory serves that laptop is a 3.06gig p4 ? it should be able to run movie maker without a problem, if its dragging check the heatsink and fan on that laptop as i think i remember it had poor air flow and a small heatsink which use to block up, its very easy to take it apart and clean it if you find it dusty and blocked.

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