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Connecting laptop to TV???
Finally bought an HDMI cable to connect my Dell Studio laptop to my TV.

Most video's play but a few give an error for Windows Media player but only when they are connected.

But there is no sound with anything... Once I unplug the HDMI cable, they each have sound again.

I went through the Menu on the TV and there is nothing I can find that seems to have any control of this.

Is there something else I'm needing to buy?
The HDMI cable should handle both the sound and video out in one cable.

if when you plug the cable in the sound stops on the laptop i would think the auto detect is working however with that said some nvidia video cards do not support the audio playback as they do not have a audio chip onboard, if thats the case the card needs to be hard wired and something dell should have done.

all it is really is a cable bit like the old cdrom to sound card cable but it goes from sound chip to the video card and allows audio output by the HDMI cable to the tv

i will need the full model number of your dell so i can check up and see if dell have dropped a boo boo with your model.
It's a Studio 17/1747

Service Tag: 6BR53L1
ok checking on that and i can see it has a ATI video card and these do have the audio chip built in.

I think this is a case of contact dell as something is not correct in the setup of that laptop.
it may just be a simple case of updating the video card driver in order to get the correct drivers for the sound /video mix on HDMI output.

have a quick chat with them on their live support they are pretty good.

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